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Icon Of Coil Regret Lyrics

Last updated: 05/23/2006 12:00:00 PM

What ever truth will reveal tomorrow
It's a lie
A cup of poison will always join us
For a while
And we'll laugh for a while
And we'll die for a while
And then we blame ourselves for our wild routine
Ground zero, and back to one
We can't combine

Happy with the life they gave us
From day one
What disappears without a trace
Re appears and we just approve
What we need is a waste
Solutions dissolves in our hands
We won't expect that we'll understand
Destruction completes the man

No matter what time will give us
No matter if it slips away
You should have burned me blind
Now I'm shining through

We can't combine these city laws
Regret with time, these splintered doors
Even if fear remains tomorrow
Or if everything goes our way..
We can't combine

Shadows merging
People laughing
The sun shines threatening
Concrete tasting
Steel awaiting
Love exploiting
Hate awaiting
Missing, can't hide