Reggie And The Full Effect Albums

  • Songs Not To Get Married To Album (3/29/2005)
    What The Hell Is Contempt?
    Get Well Soon
    What The Hell Is A Stipulation?
    The Trooth
    Guess Who's Back
    Take Me Home, Please
    Thanks For The Misery
    The Fuck Stops Here
    Love Reality
    More Dustralian Dance Party
    Playing Dead

  • Under The Tray Album (4/16/2003)
    Your Bleedin' Heart
    Drunk Girl At The Get Up Kids Show
    Congratulations Smack & Katy
    Ain't Gettin' Paid To Dance
    Mood 4 Luv
    What Won't Kill You Eats Gas
    Drunk Girl At The Get Up Kids Show (Tattoo'z, B-Day'z, Azz Beatin'z) (Undicus'd)
    Getting By With It's
    Image Is Nothing, Lobsters Are Everything
    Apocalypse WOW!
    Drunk Girl At The Get Up Kids Show (Guess Jeans, Awnings, Old Navy)(Undiscus'd)
    F.O.O.D. aka Aren't You Hungry
    Happy V-Day
    Canadians Switching The Letter P For The Letter V Eh?
    Linkin Verbz
    Drunk Girl At The Get Up Kids Show (Drivin' And Cryin' Or Broadway Cats Production Bus) (Dicus'd)
    Megan 2K2 (Even Though It's 2K3 Now)

  • Promotional Copy Album (4/16/2000)
    A.C. Lerok...Bitches Get Stitches
    From Me 2 U
    Congratulations Matt and Christine
    Something I'm Not
    Relive the Magic...Bring the Magic Home
    Good Times, Good Tunes, Good Buds
    Megan 2k
    Boot to the Moon Wad and Wayne Jentry and Band
    Thanx for Stayin'
    Fought and Won One
    Ode to Manheim Steamroller
    Dwarf Invasion
    Everyone Is Crazy

  • Greatest Hits 1984-1987 Album (4/16/1999)
    Drunk Guy at the Get Up Kids Show
    Girl, Why'd You Run Away?
    Fiona Apple Kiss My Black Ass
    What's Wrong
    Props to Tha Queen of Pop A.K. A Keep on Climbin' That Velvet Rope Baby
    Your Girlfriends Hate Me
    Megan Is My Friend to the Max
    My Dad-Happy Chickens (Kirksta Party to Go Mix)
    Another Runaway Song
    Your Boyfriend Hates Me
    Pick Up the Phone Master P
    Where's Your Heart?
    Get to the Choppa!
    Better for You
    Everything's Okay
    Just a Reminder

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