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Lucky Dube Reggae Strong Lyrics

Last updated: 07/18/2013 08:09:21 PM

Reggae in the bathroom
Reggae in the bedroom
Reggae everywhere
Reggae in jail, reggae in church
Everybody likes it
They tried to kill it
Many years ago
Killing the prophets of reggae
Destroying the prophets of reggae
But somebody said
To all the bald heads
Respect the rastaman
'Cos he 's the only one
Only one left in jah creation

Nobody can stop reggae (x3)
'Cos reggaes strong

You can change the style
Of playing reggae
You can change the
Rhythm of playing reggae
But never ever
Change the message
Everytime I play it a Babylon
A wish me fe dead (x2)

They tried to destroy it
Many years ago
Killing the prophets of reggae
Killing the prophets of reggae
But somebody said to all
The bald heads

Chorus till fade

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Reggae strong indeed | Reviewer: Samuel .e. Jude | 7/18/13

Many times i kept wondering why will someone just took away the prophet ( lucky dube) from us. I love lucky dube down to my bone, when he came to my country that was when i was oppoturned to see him live performing. Tears keep runing down from my eyes that dube is gone so soon but i know and beleive that he till live cos the Rasta's never die and his message till live within us. No matter how they (babylons) kill our prophets the flag of reggae will always fly higher and higher. Respect to all the Rastaferian

Fact | Reviewer: Kwame g courage | 10/11/11

Yea ryt..i even feel mor hapi at church wen raggae is sung durin praises hour. Its a lot beta wen i sing raggae at ma free tym nd 10x to lucky for makin it clear.
U ar a hero whom i b'liev stil lives in our mist.... mixin ya badly...

You to Much Lucky Dube | Reviewer: Seidu | 6/16/11

May ur Rest in Peace and May Haven Be Urs BC i Know Heaven is urs to me u are To much when it comes to Everything and i Love u More Than Bob Marley and i Think u can sing More Far better more than Marley
You to Much i wish u Stil on Earth But its the will of god and everything god does it right and we will be together soon rest in peace my Good Friend

powerful music | Reviewer: albert miringu | 3/10/11

this song is in the album prisoner. i really like it because no matter how hard they try , reggae will never be stopped by anyone. it will continue to entertain all reggae fans like me. your message in this song lucky are so true and real. RIP Lucky Dube your legacy is still alive among your fans.

Love you King of reggae | Reviewer: John okechukwu | 11/22/10

i tried to see Lucky Dube alive but due financial problems, i did not meet up untill he die. may God protact his Family untill the last day we will be together as one in paladise.

Love you King of reggae

may God keep lucky dube until jesus come and take him in the heaven | Reviewer: hildebrand nshimiyimana | 2/7/10

this is the best man we need in our world we like you lucky dube.. but the ennemy of us took you away from us. you dead but we will always still remember you and we hope that you are a good prophet. God keep you till seeing him. i wish you to be in paladise.. good sleeping

Reggae Strong Review | Reviewer: Brandon Witte | 10/24/07

This is what is reggae. May the Lord watch over the family of Lucky Dube. Thank you for everything, Lucky Dube. You will be eternally missed.