Refused Albums

  • Shape of Punk to Come: Chimerical Bombination In Album (10/27/1998)
    Worms of the senses
    Faculties of the scull
    Liberation Frequency
    The deadly rhythm (of the production line)
    Summer holidays vs. punk routine
    New Noise
    Refused Party-programme
    Protest song '68
    Refused are fucking dead
    The shape of punk to come
    The apollo program was a hoax

  • Demo Compilation Vol. 2 Album (2/1/1997)
    Another One
    Enough Is Enough
    Fusible Front
    Hate Breeds Hate
    I Wish
    Racial Liberation
    Reach Out
    The Marlboro Man Is Dead
    The New Deal
    Where's equality
    Who died?

  • Songs to Fan the Flames of Discontent Album (7/7/1996)
    Rather Be Dead
    Coup d'etat
    Hook line and sinker
    Return to the closet
    Life support addiction
    It's not ok
    Crusader of hopelessness
    Worthless is the freedom bought
    This Trust will kill again
    Last minute pointer
    The Slayer

  • Everlasting Album (11/1/1995)
    Burn it
    Sunflower princess
    I am not me
    The real
    Pretty face

  • This Just Might Be...the Truth Album (11/1/1994)

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    Why are they fucking dead? | Reviewer: Phil
        ------ About the album Shape of Punk to Come: Chimerical Bombination In performed by Refused

    This is one of the best punk albums of all time, and quite possible one of the best albums in a long time. if u do not own this, you must simply go out and buy it. i can guarantee u will not be dissapointed.

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