Reel Big Fish Lyrics

"WHY DO THEY ROCK SO HARD? Well lemmie tell ya......"

It has been almost two years since REEL BIG FISH raised a
mighty middle finger to humorless music snobs everywhere
with their single "Sell Out,'' and what a whirlwind it has

The monumental leap Aaron Barrett, Matt Wong, Tavis Werts,
Dan Regan, Scott Klopfenstein, Andrew Gonzales, and Grant
Barry took from being just a bunch of Orange County high
school geeks to world-touring pros is nothing to be sneezed
at. Not only has their debut album, Turn The Radio Off,
surpassed More...

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Review about Reel Big Fish songs
searching for sweet partner for my lonely life | Reviewer: shriparna chatterjee
    ------ About the song I Want Your Girlfriend to be My Girlfriend performed by Reel Big Fish

i-b-tech final yr IT student of a reputed private college of a reputed university is now trying heart & soul to shine in life-but i am still virgin even i have not stole any girl's life- but now seriously a cute girlfriend is required-if she is in IT background final semester student then it will be sofa-so interested girls can contact in 8017667138 between 9-11 pm IST everyday if they are impressed

Awesome. LOVE REEL BIG FISH | Reviewer: mariah
    ------ About the song Sell Out performed by Reel Big Fish

I agree. I believe Nirvana would've done a great cover. ya dig? They never liked work or well didn't want to ever conform, True statement. Ahah. Love Reel and absolutely adore Nirvana. Especially Kurt. Miss ska and good grunge music. :)

Cool | Reviewer: Andrea
    ------ About the song Sell Out performed by Reel Big Fish

To bad I can't go to youtube no more so I could hear this song.This is awesome.I have this stupid thought that maybe Nirvana could have done a cover on this.True you can't work in fast food all your life and who wants to?

Great Song | Reviewer: Logan
    ------ About the song Drunk Again performed by Reel Big Fish

This is a great song. Although I know it is a different style then the rest of the band's music, I think it would still be great live. A lot of bands play the songs that don't fit with the rest, just for the shock effect of when they go upbeat again next song.

Favorite | Reviewer: Anon
    ------ About the song Drunk Again performed by Reel Big Fish

This is by far my favorite RBF song they have made, even if it isn't ska. I would totally kill to see them in concert, i had a chance to see them, but i wasnt 19 and it was at a bar D: FUUUUUUUUUUUUUU-

Great song | Reviewer: Madison
    ------ About the song Drunk Again performed by Reel Big Fish

This is an incredible song! Though i'm sure it would be even better live, if they played it at a concert i think it would take away from there traditional ska feel. I went to there chicago house of blues concert jan. 12 this year for my 14 B-day and my friend body surfed 4 times!

re: best rbf song | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song Drunk Again performed by Reel Big Fish

i agree, it's an awesome song. though they do usually tend to stay away from songs off of cheer up during their live performances (with the few exceptions like where have you been, valerie, and ban the tubetop). their shows usually have more of an upbeat feel to them, and i think playing this would kind of take away from that.

Its Nonsense and that's whats great | Reviewer: C. B. Hedd
    ------ About the song Party Down performed by Reel Big Fish

I heard they wrote the lyrics to mess up people singing along, and looking at these lyrics supports that. This song is amazing in that it has no meaning and is chock fulla random. Overall it's uber fun and my favorite song.

To Party Hardy, Hardy, Hardy, etc. | Reviewer: Tinsin
    ------ About the song Party Down performed by Reel Big Fish

Love this song, but I honestly have no clue what it means. One of the best things in this song, in my opinion, is the high falsetto voices in certain sections, along with the chorus-like section near the middle (after the "Flipper... Hooray!" line, I believe). Another great thing is the genre interludes. The only problem is I have no clue what they're talking about. It's probably just nonsense, which is part of what makes it great.

missing chorus | Reviewer: jen
    ------ About the song Unity performed by Reel Big Fish

hey, the cover of "unity" (original operation ivy 1989) was the "with horns" reprise that op ivy recorded. it has a different chorus than the original which is simply "stop this war!" at the end he says "we are all guilty, we are all the same" twice, but before that he says something about "the crime of livin'" and "bein forgivin" but i can never make it out exactly. what IS this missing chorus??

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