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Reece Mastin Biography

Last updated: 06/26/2012 12:00:00 PM

"Rock 'n roll is in me and it just comes out, but I think there are different ways for me to express it. The base of what I do will always be rock music, but there are so many different ways for me to play with it."

In the last week of November 2011, Reece Mastin achieved more than many artists achieve in their whole lifetime. Aside from his slam-dunk popular win of The X Factor, Reece also managed to fit into his week a telecast performance duet with international pop-icon Kylie Minogue, signing a management contract, signing a major-label contract with Sony Music Australia, releasing his debut single, securing his first #1 single, attending the Australia ARIA Awards, recording his eleven-track debut album, filming a music video for his hit single Good Night, AND turning 17 years old! Throughout it all, the confident and talented teenage performer has taken it within his stride, proving he's made for this business.

"It's been full-on, but it's also been really, really fun too. I've just been taking it step by step really, because I don't want to be one of those guys that win the show and have one hit - I'm working at it with the aim of staying in it for the long haul."

Born in the UK, Reece and his family relocated to South Australia with the aim of seeking better opportunities and living a more comfortable lifestyle. "We moved to Australia nearly seven years ago now - I was eleven years old at the time. At that age I was in the mindset that I was being taken away from my friends and moved to the other side of the world, but the more time I was in Australia, the more I realised why we moved here and what a great decision it was by my parents. Adelaide is great, and I couldn't have asked for a better place to move to."

Whilst he admits he wasn't the best student in the classroom, Reece did indeed have an interest in music which he says was ignited even further by his music teacher. "Mr Elsey was probably one of the greatest music teachers you could have asked for; he was at my high school in Adelaide, but he retired last year. He really opened me up to music and believed in my abilities."

Inspired further by his teacher Reece began to pursue his musical interests in his free time. "I was in a few bands with some mates, and I also did a few acoustic gigs as well. It was a lot of fun - I mean, I was serious about it, but I was also just having too much fun to really care. That was a similar situation to being on The X-Factor too; towards the end of the show I was having so much fun I didn't really think about getting through the votes, I was just really enjoying performing."

Candidly, Reece reveals that the auditions for The X-Factor in Adelaide wasn't exactly seen as a masterplan to break into the music industry, but more so a bit of a laugh with some of his mates. "To be honest, the reason we came out to audition for the show in Adelaide was because a few of the boys wanted a day off school! It was something I never thought would be the start of my career. Having said that, it's such a great way - and a new way - of getting into the business, and I think if people want to try out for a show like this, they should, because it's a huge, huge, opportunity."

From his very first audition on stage at The X Factor where he blew the judges and the audience away with his confident swagger and powerful rock delivery, Reece's raw ability was laid bare for all to see. "When I started singing there was a point when I wouldn't even look at people when I was singing, but I think being on The X Factor showed me I could do this as a career, and my confidence just began to shine through," he says before quickly excusing himself to answer his home phone, which these days is ringing off the hook from female admirers and fans, who are all desperate to get a hold of the rising star. "I didn't think I would make it to the finals - I didn't even think I would make it to the live show, so being in the live show was a dream for me. Winning the show was just… outrageous; I wouldn't have even thought it was possible. It happened…" Reece sighs with incredulous awe.

Reece Mastin's style and sound was apparent right from the beginning - he's a rocker at heart who's ever ready for a good time. "Rock 'n roll is in me and it just comes out, but I think there are different ways for me to express it. The base of what I do will always be rock music, but there are so many different ways for me to play with it. "I love Steve Tyler (Aerosmith), Guns 'N Roses, Skid Row, and all those old 80's dirty rock bands, but there's a lot of new age rock stuff that I love as well. I mean, it's never gonna go back to 80's rock 'n roll, but I think we can bring some of it back. Bands like Foo Fighters, Paramore and even Lady Gaga with You And I are great examples of bringing that sound back."

True to his word, Reece Mastin's debut single Good Night is an infectious and riotous rock/pop celebration and acts as a perfect launchpad for the young singer. "Let's go back to rock and roll, when people just let go, and let the music flow," he sings with a rebellious abandon on the single, which was written by Australian-Idol runner-up Hayley Warner and the hot writing/production team of DNA. "It's got that ol' summery-rock kinda feel to it… ya know, like classic rock songs like "Boys Of Summer" (Don Henley). It's just really fun, and songs from winners are usually really big ballads, so it was cool to do something a little bit different.

"When I first heard the song there was a female vocal on it and so I had to think about how would make the song more me, and sing it with more of a male delivery. That aside I really loved it from the word go, and the DNA boys did a great job producing it. I think we had a great chemistry together as a team - they're into the same style of music as I am - and I think we're definitely going to work together on more of my original material for the next album.

Reece's self-titled debut album is a collection of in-your-face anthems of songs that he performed whilst on The X-Factor, as well as the single Good Night which sets the pace for his career to come. "It was hard because we only had a limited amount of time to record the album," he admits, "but I think we did a really good job and I'm really happy with the result. I think it's definitely a reflection of where I wanna go with my music, but of course this time around it seems a bit more theatrical because of the productions on the show and stuff. It's just full of really cool rock songs like Paradise City, Staying Alive and I Kissed A Girl, which was actually one of my favourite performances from the show."

With live dates being locked in around the country for audiences clambering to experience Reece's electric stage performances, the singer/songwriter has surprisingly also had a little bit of time to start thinking about his next album - an album of original material due midway in 2012, which will include much of his own song material. "I've written songs since I was 12 years old - I'm obviously better now than I was back then! I've pretty much written half an album already, but I need to go away and write some more tracks so we can make a headstart on the next album for 2012," he says excitedly, before revealing some recent personal encouragement he received from an international rock legend.

"I went and saw Stevie Nicks in concert recently and she listened to a few of my songs and said that she loved them. We exchanged details and she said that she'd give me a hand with some of my writing when we're ready," he says casually, having secured an incredible vote of confidence from the global superstar.

First things first, and with the release of his debut album REECE MASTIN, Reece wants people to jump on board and join him in celebrating the essence of rock, pumping their fists and singing out loud without a care in the world. "I really hope people will buy this album and think about the fact that rock music isn't being played and supported as much as it should, or needs to be. There's a lot of pop on the radio and on TV, and it seems like rock is slipping away a little bit. I just hope that my music is a reminder about the spirit of good rock 'n roll music and how much fun it really is for everyone.

"I have definitely got the best ever start to my career with the single going Platinum, and the album going Gold - and we achieved that even before we released the album! It's a crazy, crazy ride… but I'm lovin' every second of it."