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After having scored 10 consecutive Top 40 hits, it was time
to release a Greatest Hits collection. The latest album
release from Rednex is “The Best of The West”. It includes
the 4 million-sellers “Cotton Eye Joe”, “Old Pop In An
Oak”, “Wish You Were Here”, “Spirit Of The Hawk”, the other
6 singles and a bunch of new tracks. Since the first
release in 1994, Rednex is the artist that has spent most
weeks at No.1 on the German Single Chart since 1980, with a
total of 25 weeks (Modern Talking being No.2 with 19

What once More...

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Review about Rednex songs
Hoe Down "Must Have" | Reviewer: Mr. Pitster
    ------ About the song Cotton Eye Joe [*] performed by Rednex

Me and 3 buddies plan annual HOE DOWN at my friends' private country estate. They all play fiddle, mandolin and banjo while I take on the spoons. Put up posters at local colleges/universities. All welcome as long as everyone plays nice together and no fights. We know some have drugs, but kept out of sight/out of mind. Any who... picture 100(+) people going crazy when the jam session starts. KUDOS to those Swedes !
Major love/respect for group sharing their talent. BIG thx.

Emotional | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song Hold Me for a While performed by Rednex

I am in luv with dis music,it reminds me of my guy who stays very far away from me.and each time he comes 2 visit me,a nite b4 he leaves 2 whr he stays i will sing dis song for me @ nite b4 we sleep and in d morning b4 he finally leaves for airport.i use the lyrics of verse two to send 2 him as a text message.its my best song.

hold me for a while | Reviewer: master vessel chinonyerem
    ------ About the song Hold Me for a While performed by Rednex

this song is the best love song i ever heard, infact it is full of love and passion. it makes me remember how me and my girlfriend broke up, i realy taught the love will last forever.

billysdragin review | Reviewer: billysdragin
    ------ About the song The Way I Mate performed by Rednex

I cant believe its taken me so long to get turned on to this band great feel good music. but "The way I mate" just sent me over the top. Great music, Great Band and as a Musician myself one of the best get up get out songs Ive ever rock!!

BONUS! | Reviewer: Greg
    ------ About the song Cotton Eye Joe [*] performed by Rednex

I got to know this song because it plays when you get the bonus on the Texas Tina slot machine. I liked the song so much (partly because it meant I hit the bonus), that I looked it up online and found information about its roots.

. | Reviewer: Roody
    ------ About the song Hold Me for a While performed by Rednex

This song just makes me think about my boyfriend, well ex-boyfriend, we sort of broke up less than 24hrs ago, knowing he's leaving the country in less than 2weeks, it's just sad, coz he's all what I want right now!

The Game | Reviewer: Dick Astley
    ------ About the song Cotton Eye Joe [*] performed by Rednex

OMG!!! Whenever I hear this song me and my friend Gnat D. drop our trousers and do the monkey dance. Yes I mean I wip out my wangadoodle and stick in his man whole until it produces seminal mayonaisse. Then we make a sangich out of it and put pickles and spinach on it and have a good ole pick-nick in the wilderness with our ex-cousin Jane. Then we put our faces in eachothers earlobes and do the dance. Then I sing the lyrics into his erect cock, put in my ear, and listen to the echo.

OMFG!! STFU!! | Reviewer: Alexis
    ------ About the song Cotton Eye Joe [*] performed by Rednex

I love this song!! I dance whenever i hear it!! One day i was driving with my friend and the song came up on the radio! I SLAMMED on brakes. my friend was like "OMG!!" I got out of the car and started dancing on the sidewalk!! This is my song!!!

cotten eyed joe is cool | Reviewer: Rachel
    ------ About the song Cotton Eye Joe [*] performed by Rednex

me and my friend sarah were listenin to cotten eyed joe then i ran outside and me and sarah and my friend across the road called laura came in my house and then we all ran outside and played cotten eyed joe OUT LOUD!!!!!!! ROFL PPL CAME IN MY BACKGARDEN WICH IS HUMUNGAS AND WE PLAYED COTTEN EYED JOE ALLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL NIGHT

Mozart has nothing on the rednex???? | Reviewer: Mikey
    ------ About the song Cotton Eye Joe [*] performed by Rednex

It's a fun song for "slapping ur ass" (whatever that means), fun to get up and dance to. Yes I like it too, but come on people!

"Mozart has nothing on the Rednex" ????? I wonder if this guy even listens to Mozart? Could he tell the difference between Beethoven's 5th Symphony and Mozart's Eine Kleine Nachtmusik? I doubt it.

I suppose it took all of 5 minutes to come up with the repeating lyrics and tune for this song. No harmonies, no subcontext, no complexity. Nothing but a good, rowdy, "kick up your feet" tune.

In a few years it will be passe, ane people will be on to the next "OMG" tune.

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