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So Goddamn easy to write this,
You make it spill off the page.
So drunk on yourself, self-righteous,
A laughing stock of your own fucking stage.

Oh but I ain't one to call names,
Or throw stones in a house of glass,
You try me.

This is a motherfuckin' invitation,
The only one you could ever need.
This is a motherfuckin' invitation,
You try me.

Just one time you got a reason,
But you had nothing to lose.
A blind preacher for the pin-eyed congregation,
It must be easy to loathe.

Oh but I ain't one to call names,
Or throw stones in a house of glass,
You try me.

This is a motherfuckin' invitation,
The only one you could ever need.
This is a motherfuckin' invitation,
You try me.

You can tell the same lie a thousand times,
But it never gets any more true.
So close your eyes once more and once more believe,
That they all still believe in you.

Just one time!

This is a motherfuckin' invitation,
The only one you could ever need.
This is a motherfuckin' invitation.

Just one time!

This is a motherfuckin' invitation,
Ya' try me.

Just one time!(ya' try me)
Just one time!(ya' try me)

Ya' try me.

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Lol <_< | Reviewer: Menski | 6/21/12

Lmfao I came on here to check out their lyrics and read reviews on what people thing the song meant but there is nothing but stupid arguements on who's got the bigger dick. It's bullshit and you all know it, get on your knees and suck each other dry, you wankers.

Great song | Reviewer: Ted | 4/6/12

It's good that their new album is still as epic as their old stuff. Anyone who likes this should listen to machine head and five finger death punch. Ffdp aren't as LOG but machine head are very good, and have similar guitar styles on a lot of songs as well as ffdp. And to the argument. I have never really listened to a7x much but as far as I know, they are heavily influenced by iron maiden and pantera, so that's good in my books. Plus I heard both bands on saints row 2 for the first time on one of the radio stations a couple of years ago. Actually that's why someone probably made the comparison and subsequent insult towards them. Long live metal.

Extreme,brutal ? lol... | Reviewer: Matías Echeverría | 12/20/11

Talking about what band is more extreme,brutal,etc.. what the hell is going on with you people(in that case Cannibal Corpse wins lol).Do not compare a good car with a good bike.

You guys make me laugh

.... | Reviewer: Jeff | 12/1/11

Its so typical. you cant go to a god damn lyric sight without finding pointless argumentation down by the comments. i need not say more than this; comments here are for discussion of the lyrics, and discussion of music in general. babbling like retards incessantly, over your opinions with hate and furor is so ironic. because this is what lamb of god talks about in their songs so many times. people with pointless hate, their pretentious and overbearing nature. god damn...

There are many great songs that cross the "genre" spectrum...this is one of the best | Reviewer: Anonymous | 7/29/11

Who cares what your fucking "opinion" is about which "genre" the point is that this song kicks ass REGARDLESS of genre...just like Slipknot, mushroomhead, mudvayne, and many other bands have great songs...people try to put shit into neat little packages and slap a label on them...then proceed to be close-minded about what doesn't fit into their favorite package. Fuck you, enjoy the song, celebrate the band, get drunk or smoke dope and be grateful for the creative genius that is this song.

fucking shut up | Reviewer: ri_guy0 | 7/19/11

dont get me wrong i like both band but a7x is my favorite band and has way me fans more then 4 times so just stop bashing bands (except for Justin Beible)and you all probably havn't even tryed a7x i beet and they have heavy or hard (which ever it is) songs maybe not as hard so stop calling bands names and posting rude shit you all a bush of asshole when you do that shit so shut the hell up!!! fucking hell!!!

r u mad??? | Reviewer: Anonymous | 6/15/11

a7x sucks dick dude....they r big fuckin assholes muddafuckas...d only time it was good was when mike portnoy ws in it dude...and btw matt log isnt extreme metal...its just...metal...real extreme metal is nile....jus listen to it...they r awsum....btw log is gud too

w/o | Reviewer: someLOGfan | 6/7/11

I agree that it's stupid to compare LOG and A7X, they're from different genres, but I do think that LOG is much more brutal, most of their songs really boiled my blood. On the other hand, only a few of A7X songs that boil my blood.

just my opinion though

My 2 cents | Reviewer: AN0NYM0U5 | 6/1/11

Been to this page a few times and now I'm lit so here's my input. Great song. Love singin along to it. Gets the throat raw at full volume though. I can see why some guys aren't able to anymore after years of it. Comparison of bands on a lyric page is lame. Agreed with all on that. To each his own. LOG is awesome and so is A7X in their own right. I don't restrict myself to a specific genre. Long live the metal musicians and all the bad ass joy you bring, mothafuckers.

Wut? | Reviewer: Aaaidn | 4/14/11

I don't like A7X but come on, I gotta agree - coming on a LoG Lyrics page and trying to talk about a softer band like A7X is like going on an A7X page and talking about Bon Jovi - or the other well known B word, the one that rhymes with beaver.

a7x sucks? WTF suck my fuckin cock a7x forever! | Reviewer: Anonymous | 2/16/11

A7X sucks? wtf is wrong you motherfucking peice of stupid shit is it our problem that youve got issues in your motherfuckin life you can go cry in a corner or go suck a dick oh wait you cant suck a cock cause nobody would want to get their cock sucked by you you notherfucker so go fuck yourself!

holy christ | Reviewer: Matt | 2/7/11

You retards need to stop fighting. It's doing nothing But raising blood pressure. This page is for Lamb of God (the most brutal band on the planet) so Just keep it to LoG. None of this A7X Shit. And where the FUCK did the beiber baby come into the convo. Seriously? What the FUCK?

Why the hating on A7X?? | Reviewer: Sandy | 10/15/10

Um... to the anonymous poster that said Avenged sucks big ass dicks and all need to die, why the fuck did you say that? I guess you are some pasty skinned, pimply faced punk who has issues with Avenged cause they get more ass than a toilet seat (or at least more than you, you fucking taintblistered pussy flapped motherfucker) and you have nothing better to do than sit around with your dick in your hand and hate on them..
by the way, I noticed the date that you posted that comment; it was around the time Avenged was #1 in the country; what the fuck have YOU done with YOUR life?? Have a nice fuckin' day, you walking stool sample.

Comparing bands? Seriously? | Reviewer: Justin | 10/14/10

Who gives a fuck about which band is better? Listen to what you want and leave other people the hell alone about their musical views. I'm a metal musician and I could honestly give a fuck less if someone would rather listen to Justin Bieber(sp) than my music, despite the fact that I view him as a bitch with little to no talent. His choice to make pop, everyone else's choice to listen to it. Stop griping, it makes you look like you're 12 years old. On Lamb of God... Willie Adler is one of the best rhythm guitarists in metal. Chris Adler is DEFINITELY one of the most technical drummers on the scene, though not the best. Mark is a great guitarist, very original riff-wise and his solos are refreshing (metal shredding gets so boring after a while). John is a great bassist to keep up with the rest of the guys. And Randy's just a maniac with some great lyrics (Mark too). And Redneck, while it might be played a bit too much, IS an epic song.

Podge | Reviewer: Anonymous | 9/5/10

Savage song, maybe a bit 2 over played over the rest of logs stuff but still fuckin excellent, and for you tools arguing bout them and Slipknot the only reason their not as heavy anymore is because at the start Corey was an angry bastard and had nothin to be happy about now he's rich famous and well happy, he couldn't do that stuff again anyway because he fucked his throat up!

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