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Lost Trailers Redneck Girl Lyrics

Last updated: 06/24/2012 12:00:00 PM

You buy my chew for me, you make sure it's fresh,
You take a plug while you are waiting in line,
You buy the beer, you know I like it Beast Light,
And if they don't have it you'll fight.
Redneck Girl.

You paid the bail to get me out of jail,
Even though you were the reason I was there,
Don't lie and tell me you didn't show 5-0 my rocks,
My brother saw it all on COPS.

Redneck girl, Nobody understands,
she just loves her man, so let me give it to you
Redneck Girl.

After the summer, Lord, I tried to get away,
But once you cross that line you know you've got to stay,
Her Daddy went and bought us a conversion van,
Well, hot damn...

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She's my Redneck Girl.