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The Charlie Daniels Band Redneck Fiddlin' Man Lyrics

Last updated: 08/27/2003 10:33:04 PM

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Well, down in Mississippi, there's a little bitty town
And there ain't much happens 'till the sun goes down
Then all the people come from miles around
To hear a little four-piece band
There's a dog house bass and a kid on the drums
And a guitar picker just as hot as they come
Up steps a man with a bow on his thumb and a fiddle in his hand
He tunes up the fiddle and he rosins up the bow
And he plays an old tune called "Cotton Eyed Joe"
And they dance all night on a hard wood floor to the redneck fiddlin' man

Good times go by easy
Good times fly away

One night some boys from town came by
With a bellyfull of liquor and the devil in their eye
And they said, "Old man, you're way out'a style
You don't play Rock N' Roll"
Well, he picked up his fiddle with style and ease
And he played a little rock just as pretty as you please
Then he bent down, turned around, knocked them to their knees
When he played a little mountain soul
Then, he tightened up his bow and he made another pass
And he played "Sally Good'N" kinda' rowdy and fast
Then he played a little blues and he played a little jazz
Just to show them he could do it all


Well, he tuned up the fiddle and he rosined up the bow
And he played an old song called "Cotten Eyed Joe"
And they danced all night on a hard wood floor to the redneck fiddlin' man

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