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You are now about to embark on a unique adventure where
time, sound, and reality all have different meaning. No you
won't be hanging with Pee-Wee Herman money, your guide for
this ride is none other than Reggie Noble BKA Redman, and
the place with all the bass just happens to be The Dark
Side. There's no need to go into how Redman came on the
scene housin' $%&! right ? What! Your memory is failing
you? Don't ask somebody, I'm about to school ya. After
years tearing it out the frame doing classic freestyles
across the Tri-state area, More...

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Reviews about Redman songs

Whateva man | Reviewer: Mr. Holler
    ------ About the song Whateva Man performed by Redman

Redman don't leave no circus overworked dude, not like he's a professional clown or something.
The text goes: Ya boombox better form a union, cuz I leave ya circuits overworked. Circuits dog, not circus.

Aight, keep it up.

One down.

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