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Redman Muddy Waters Album

Last updated: 03/19/2000 10:26:47 PM

Release Date: 12/10/1996
Tracks in Muddy Waters: Intro, Iz He 4 Real, Rock Da Spot, Welcome (Interlude), Case Closed, Pick It Up, Skit, Smoke Buddah, Whateva Man, Chicken Head Convention (Skit), On Fire, Do What Ya Feel, The Stick Up (Skit), Creepin', It's Like That (My Big Brother), Da Bump, Skit, Yesh Yesh Ya'll, What U Lookin' 4, Soopaman Luva 3 Interview (Skit), Soopaman Luva 3, Rollin', Da Ill Out

Muddy Waters Album Tracklist