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REDGUM - Years of Toil With a Bunch of Mates

When Brian Medlin, convenor of the Politics and Art course
in 1975, suggested that some people might like to
co-operate on a music project, three people raised their

John Schumann, Michael Atkinson and Verity Truman were as
yet unaquainted It came to light later that Michael thought
John was a loudmouth, John thought Michael was wet, and
neither of them had really noticed Verity because she was
very quiet.

They immediately fell into a deep and meaningful
relationship with each More...

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Review about Redgum songs
ted by redgum | Reviewer: Greg L
    ------ About the song Ted performed by Redgum

The lyrics a spat out at a pace and with passion that makes it impossible for me to capture with required accuracy..thanks for the lyric source john.and a merry Christmas to you to.. This song for me is a reminder for a couple of now gone vets at our local RSL

I Was Only 19 | Reviewer: hannah
    ------ About the song I Was Only 19 (A Walk In The Light Green) performed by Redgum

i love this song as its shows the pain and the emotions of what happened to the men and woman in battle.who ever went in to that war deserves a great big metal to show how brave they are and what they did to fight for our country.well done to everyone who was in the war you did a great job.

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