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Incubus Redefine Lyrics

Last updated: 06/08/2009 11:00:00 AM

Imagine your brain as a
canister filled with ink
yeah, now think of your body
as the pen where the ink resides
Fuse the two; KAPOW!
What are you now?
You're the human magic marker, won't you
please surprise my eyes?
It's in your nature,
you can paint whatever picture
you like no matter what
Ted Koppel says on channel 4 tonight
So modify this third rock from the sun
by painting myriads of pictures
with the colors of one
I'm sick of painting in black and white
my pen is dry, now I'm uptight<<<<<< ((my pen is dry, and im all uptight))
So sick of limiting myself
to fit your definition
Picture the scene, where whatever you thought,
would, in the blink of an eye,
manifest and become illustrated
You'd be sure man that every
line drawn reflected a life that you loved
not an existence that you hated
So, must we demonstrate that
we can't get it straight?
We've painted a picture,
now we're drowning in paint
Lets figure out what the fuck it's about
before the picture we painted
chews us up and spits us out
I'm sick of painting in black and white
((my pen is dry, and im all up tight))
So sick of limiting myself
to fit your definition

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art meets art | Reviewer: sylph | 11/4/2008

Man what a song. Though it's been a while it still bears with it how much weight this band puts into their art. if only the rest of the world knows how to write as such then it would be a better place...peace out! !