Red Sovine Lyrics

(Singer, Songwriter, Guitar)

Given Name: Woodrow Wilson Sovine
Date of Birth: July 17, 1918
Place of Birth: Charleston, West Virginia
Married: Norma Searls (dec’d)
Children: Roger, Bill, Mike, Janet
Date of Death: April 4, 1980

Red Sovine gained fame for his sentimental truck driving
theme recitations, but he exhibited a wide variety of vocal
skills in his long musical career.

Red grew up in a poor family with Johnnie Bailes (of Bailes
Brothers fame) as an adolescent companion and in their late
teens, they attempted musical More...

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Review about Red Sovine songs
I have heard this beautiful and very sad song by Diana williams | Reviewer: Ron jesseau
    ------ About the song Teddy Bear Part 2 performed by Red Sovine

i wish that i got the honor to meet red sovine who wrote the song teddy bear and now when i heard the song teddy bears last ride i darn near cryed i love both songs and it is very sad song at that

sad | Reviewer: jack stanley
    ------ About the song Teddy Bear Part 2 performed by Red Sovine

I have always enjoyed hearing teddybear. Everytime I hear the 2 songs, it tugs at heart and I choke back the tears. My grandfather turned on to teddybear and I always think of him when I hear him. One of the best storytellers of all time

Perfect | Reviewer: Harold G. Reed
    ------ About the song The deck Of Cards performed by Red Sovine

Of all the songs that I have ever heard. This song is so perfect for some one who is all alone in the war. Vietnam or where they are. They want to keep in touch with God. Just take out your Deck Of Cards and go thru each one of them as if they were you own bible. You can talk to God anytime you want. Even if you don't have a deck of cards. But as far as this song. Who ever came up with it. Should get a Star on the walk of Fame. Just shows how much God meant to this young man as he was at war and could not be were he wished he could be. At Church listening and learning more about God Daily. hgr.

orginal lyric writer | Reviewer: Tina White
    ------ About the song Truck Driver's Prayer performed by Red Sovine

My mother Ila Metzger wrote the prayer for the love of her life.
they met at Mary's in Cairo IL. He was often away on a run and she truly worried about the other drivers. He often spoke of what drivers expected from a truck driver. They should be able to stop on a dime, block the wind by tail-gating, and know where every smoky was set-up from one coast to another.
They are both driving the great 18 wheeler together again, and they are watching out for you and I.

not daddy, daddys girl | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song Daddy performed by Red Sovine

I was looking for the lyrics to daddy and this is the only one that I can find. This is daddys girl by the same artist.
Daddy starts out as : Today I have been counting the blessings in the family my dad raised. All the love that we shared through the years has come back to me in many ways

Kiss and the Keys | Reviewer: Chris Groce
    ------ About the song Kiss And The Keys performed by Red Sovine

There are many advantages of being raised by your grandparents. This is one of them. That is, being able to remember alot of the old 45rpm and 78 records. I can recall most of the lyrics of the songs and alot of the record labels. This one was quite good and not one of Red's sad, talking ballads. It was quite peppy for the most part.

daddys girl | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song Daddy performed by Red Sovine

I have sang this song since i can remember... I would always walk around singing it.. its me and my dad to a T.. I love him even though im older now

Daddy. | Reviewer: Alicia
    ------ About the song Daddy performed by Red Sovine

Dad tought me to sing this song when I was 20 now,.and I dont have a close relationship,but i will always have this song.

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