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Here I stand
Empty hands
Wishing my wrists were bleeding
To stop the pain from the beatings

There you stood
Holding me
Waiting for me to notice you

But who are you
You are the truth (you are the truth)
Outscreaming these lies
You are the truth (you are the truth)
Saving my life

The warmth of your embrace
Melts my frostbitten spirit
You speak the truth and I hear it
The words are I love you
And I have to believe in you

But who are you
You are the truth (you are the truth)
Outscreaming these lies
You are the truth (you are the truth)
Saving my life

My hands are open
And you are filling them
Hands in the air
In the air, in the air, in the air

And I worship
And I worship
And I worship
And I worship

You are the truth (you are the truth)
Outscreaming these lies
You are the truth (you are the truth)
Saving my life

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Reply to the one writing about freewill, Wicca, and Christianity. | Reviewer: Ilovethisband | 3/28/14

Christianity does NOT tell you to hate ANYONE. In fact, it tells you to love ANYONE and EVERYONE no matter what. Also, something crucial for Christianity to be true is for there to be FREEWILL. Jesus condemns no one. He does not MAKE you ask for forgiveness. One can only choose to be saved. That is where freewill comes in. If everyone will be saved (and believe me, i would LOVE to say that) will it be with there consent or without?

Flyleaf, this song, Christianity | Reviewer: Desiree | 4/1/13

I have struggled cutting since my mother was murdered.i loved it at first, such an amazing escape.But i've grown to hate it. It is very addicting.I just wasnt living, always focused on the bad things and when i could cut again.I went too church but it was just the same thing over and over, i just didnt care. I got into the wrong crowd, started to listen to rock...of all kinds.Then a lady in my church introduced me to Strong Tower Ranch. Since then i have had a relationship with Christ. Its been 3 years of me, Strong Tower, Flyleaf, and my church. I finally have my cutting under control.

I understand all of the misconceptions about Christianity.But, before you hate it,do your own research.There are many church that claim to be Christian,but twist the Bible to suit them.Just watch what you take to heart.I pray everyday for those who have only seen darkness, the twisted Word of God, and who struggle with cutting and depression like me.Flyleaf helped me find my hope.No matter what helps you find your hope, remember THERE IS HOPE.

Love you guys.and God has a plan for your life

red sam. | Reviewer: miranda | 4/7/11

this song goes way deeper then cutting or religion. i personaly dont find cutting good because i did it at one point but stopped because i knew people around me cared like family doing that for attention is sick because there are real people who really need someone to just talk to them or be there for them through the rough times. we all have a hard time some point in our lives weither we turn to god or a friend or cutting there are many paths to take in life and we learn from each of them. i do belive in god but i dont like some churches because they do judge and thats not what church is about. its about healing and you getting closer to god. not dragged down deeper. its a place where love & peace should be shown & personaly i dont mind if people dont belive in god i dont push it on them or any of that because that also just scares people into religon which i find horribly wrong.

True Christianity | Reviewer: Robert Pierce | 12/17/10

It seems many people have a false idea of what Christianity is. In true Christianity, women are equal, hate is condemned, and life and love are cherished. The Bible does say for a woman to submit to her husband, but it also says for the husband to treat the wife as if she was himself, as they are one. Woman are not inferior, they simply have a different role that men cannot accomplish as easily, and vise-versa. Christians don't hate people who are different than them. They love them and want them to go to Heaven with them.

idiots | Reviewer: blah | 3/29/10

to the person who wrote the review sins: christianity isn't the only religion out there. are you gonna try to convince buddhists or jews that their religion is bad? you know who else committed a "sin"? the so-called christians who came over and wiped out almost an entire nation of people (the "discovery" of america). isn't THAT hate? to mel: cutting releases a chemical that makes the body feel good. it also releases a lot of stress, especially among teenagers. it can sometimes be addictive, like smoking or drinking. depression is stressful, so it can lead to cutting. and depression is a medical condition. on a nicer note: flyleaf is awesome!!!

sins | Reviewer: Anonymous | 3/8/10

to the one below who said they discovered wicca.

I don't know what kind of church your friend brought you to but it doesn't sound like God was in it. There are a lot of churches that don't realize that they left Jesus at the door knocking to let Him in and they can't even hear Him. True Christians LOVE everyone, they do not hate those who are different like you were taught by that church. We, who have God living in our hearts begin to hate sin but never people. And we hate sin because it's the only thing that separates us from God, it's what makes him seem so far away at times. And sin isn't just doing 'bad stuff', even not having complete faith in His plan is sin. In fact, the moment we are born we are already sinners through inheritance because of Adam's sin in the beginning.

So here is the simple, beautiful, and good truth. God doesn't all of a sudden decide to condemn us to hell because we lied once... We are already headed there from the beginning... But Gos doesn't want any of us to perish! So he sent His one and only begotten son here to die on the cross - Jesus, a pure sacrifice with no sin, with an inherent worth of more than all of our worth combined - and with His death on the cross was the death all of our sins. For the wages of sin are eternal death. He paid our wages FOR us! Through Him we are saved, He has already paid the price! And all we have to do for eternal life in the kingdom of God is to call on Him and REPENT of our sins and BELIEVE Jesus is our savior! You don't need some priest, YOU can talk to God. It's your personal relationship with Jesus... And He will show you your purpose in life, you will feel infinite love and know why you're here.

And THAT is Christianity! Not hating people that are different from you! Your friend's church needs help, they need prayer! And maybe you're the one who needs to be praying for them! God bless you and may you find your way

excuse me, anonymous? | Reviewer: mel | 11/17/09

okay, i would just like to point out that a few comments below this one, an anonymous person said that people who cut themselves arnt really depressed, they just want attention. thats utter BULL SH*T why would ANYONE cut themselves, inflict a pain greater than the one in their heart for ATTENTION? that pissses me off. so the ones who KILL themselves because no one cares at all, because there are people like YOU.i sure do hope he/she/it checks back and reads this. f***ing dumb a**. how many people's hearts have you broken? how many lives have you destroyed?

wicca and christ and this song. | Reviewer: in love with someone thats killing me | 11/15/09

i did something for years that im not proud of. i cut my stomach and wrists. it helped at first, shallow cuts. but then they needed to be deeper. my friend saw the ugly scars and brought me to church. the belifs there were...impsible for me to grasp. hate those who arn't like you? dont feel anger, or envy? those are EMOTIONS people, tey are there for a reason. so i reserched an old religion, wicca. it was perfect. close to the earth, women equal in socioty, and we have a little something called FREE WILL. this sng really helped me, to get away fro people who calledme a 'satenist' or 'devil worshiper'. even the friend who tried to tie me down to christianity left. even tho this is a 'christian`'band, i am allowed to listen to it. wha they talk changedmy life around. a godess who loves me no matter what,nota god that forces you to ask for forgivness. the lady already forgave you, long before you 'sinned'.

reply to Gabbie | Reviewer: Anonymous | 10/30/09

I used to cut about two years ago. I was really depressed, I was in a really bad spot in my life. I stopped after I for my religion. Only I didn't find Christ... I found the Goddess. I'm Wiccan. When the times get tough, instead of hurting myself, I repeat a mantra to myself.
Air I am, Earth I am, Fire, Water, Spirit I am.
Or... one that is really nice...
We all come from the Goddess, and to her we shall return, like a drop of rain, flowing to the ocean.
I just remember that the Goddess is there for me and that I'm not alone. (Also my friends help a lot)

Now. How about that Flyleaf?

awesome song | Reviewer: gabbie | 5/11/09

I have been going to this church and got really close to God and I HAD A LOT OF PAIN IN MYSELF AND I NEVER CUT MYSELF BUT MY SISTER HAS AND NOW SHE DOESNT BECAUSE SHE FOUND THE LOVE SHE NEEDED IN God and so did i and now im saved by Jesus Christs love because he healed all my wounds so to those who cut urself get close to God hes all the love u need

Red Sam | Reviewer: Anonymous | 3/22/09

Honestly, i like how people read one line in a song and assume that it is what the song is about. Admitting you cut your wrists doesn't prove anything, in fact it doesn't make you sound that cool. I will admit i have cut my wrists at one point in my life when god refused to help me. But i look back now and see how stupid that was to do such a thing. I've gone through a lot in my life and sometimes it feels like god really isn't there for me, i can understand how some people feel that way. And for those of you who do cut your wrists now, well its not because you want to die, its because you feel ignored and want the attention. And its not worth it.

red sam! best song! | Reviewer: jazmine | 1/23/09

i am a cutter i have been for like 5 years now and i will probly never stop because i dont want to i love it it just feels so good and i definetley believe in god and have alot of faith in him but sometimes i wonder why he makes things so shitty but thatswhy i love this song...because its so real

Red Sam | Reviewer: Erica | 1/2/09

I love this song. I can so relate to some of it. I am a cutter and I know for a fact I will never stop cutting because I don't want to because I absolutly love it. I'm not a big God person. I'm a wiccan but i love how they fit problems such as self mutalation into songs in a subtle way.

Red Sam | Reviewer: samantha | 9/23/08

I really like this song. This might sound stupid, but it reminds me of myself. to tell you the truth though, i have ventured so far away from God. I have a boyfriend who doesnt really like me for me, he likes me for what i look like. I am surrounded in an unbelievably sinful enviroment, and i have recently been slitting my wrists. i dont know why.. i just had seen the knife in the kitchen, and i snuck it to my room and locked the door. i felt as if it were not me sitting there, watching the blood bubble up from the cuts. i felt as if something had possessed me and im just watching my life pass. i heard this song on a cd my brothers friend had given him, and I could really relate to it. I am amazed at Flyleaf's songs. they have such deep meaning.

GREAT SONG | Reviewer: Nik0l | 5/29/08

this reminds me of a girl in a story i am writing (her father beats her, and she is afraid to talk to anybody, but one ofh his guards always comes and comforts her, but she cant see his face so she doesnt know who it is taht is helping her)

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