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The Decemberists Red Right Ankle Lyrics

Last updated: 07/14/2009 11:00:00 AM

This is the story of your red right ankle
And how it came to meet your leg
And how the muscle, bone, and sinews tangled
And how the skin was softly shed

And how it whispered “Oh, adhere to me
For we are bound by symmetry
And whatever differences our lives have been
We together make a limb.”
This is the story of your red right ankle.

This is the story of your gypsy uncle
You never knew ‘cause he was dead
And how his face was carved and rife with wrinkles
In the picture in your head.

And remember how you found the key
To his hide-out in the Pyrenees
But you wanted to keep his secret safe
So you threw the key away.
This is the story of your gypsy uncle.

This is the story of the boys who loved you
Who love you now and loved you then
And some were sweet, some were cold and snuffed you
And some just laid around in bed.

Some had crumbled you straight to your knees
Did it cruel, did it tenderly
Some had crawled their way into your heart
To rend your ventricles apart
This is the story of the boys who loved you
This is the story of your red right ankle.

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Wonderful | Reviewer: Near | 7/14/09

This song is wonderfully written; to me it tells the story of one girl (or guy, whatever) and just their life told through Colin's POV. I love it, and the Decemberists continue to be my favorite band.

Chills. | Reviewer: Anonymous | 12/11/07

Not only is this song beautifully write, but it continues to give me chills every time it pops into my headphones. "Red Right Ankle" is truly magical.

So tantalizing! | Reviewer: Anonymous | 7/3/07

The greatest thing about this song is how it always leaves me yearning to hear the WHOLE stories. That is what real art is all about, in my opinion...

Beautiful Song | Reviewer: Nicole | 4/12/07

This song is amazing the lyrics are beautiful.. I listen to this right before I sleep... by far my fav song by the decemberists.

beautiful..... | Reviewer: nick | 7/23/06

i think that this is one of the most perfect and beautiful songs i have ever heard. thankyou!!!!!

i love this song | Reviewer: Anonymous | 2/22/06

awesome lyrics, amazing sound. I really love this song. could be meh favorite decemberists song.