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Sarah Fimm Red Paper Bag Lyrics

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So a red paper bag broke my heart today
No one knows that it came form your hands
The blood is still perched by the third letter form the right
The red paper bag has been tucked away
Safe from supply and demand
but if I dare delight in its beauty I might just keep dying again and again
So the red paper bag tries to call to me
As I tear drowns an ant on the floor
I suppose it is worse to indulge in a curse than to fight
But I'm just abot dead from this tradgedy
Or am I she says with a grin
I find out what its worth just by finding out how much it hurts
And the state I'm in.
I'll just pu the two corners together
My soul plays a grave for the night
As I bury my head in the pillows he says
Perhaps in another life.

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Fell across this song on the net... | Reviewer: Eve | 10/9/2004

I came to a Sarah Fimm website though a link in the daughter darling website forums...and i cannot stop listening to this song! I previewed the rest of her music and Sarah sounds like the cross between Alanis Morisette [in red paper bag] and Sarah Maclaughlin.

First off I love alanis morisette so it makes me an instant fan...
The song has some great metaphors that i can definatly relate to..
Love the dark piano in this song..and the emphasis on dying in the middle of the song.

I'll be picking up this cd in the near future. Keep up the good work.

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