Red Lights Flash Albums

  • And Time Goes By Album (5/1/2007)
    No Reply
    P(owerful) C(hoices)
    High Time For Setting Up A Wail
    The Red Tape
    The Stones Unturned
    No Life Assurance
    Contaminate The Unison
    Implied Warranty / Instrumental
    Glorified Servant - A Dedicated Man
    Every Single Breath
    Lose This Day

  • Free Album (3/14/2006)
    Past Soul
    Last Come, First Served
    Saving My Time
    Boost The Economy
    Direct Action Gets The Goods
    The Time The Lights Went Out
    Carnival (Negatively Negative)
    Darkest Moments
    Making Choices
    Politics Of Hate
    Haven't We Aged Well?
    Your Waywardness
    Words, Context, Warfare

  • Stop When... Album (5/1/1999)
    Press To Impress
    Songs And Dreams
    Is It Possible To...?
    Of Course, We've Got A Nation
    War Called Peace
    Let 'Em Bomb
    Shame On You
    For Free

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