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Red Lights Flash Biography

Last updated: 05/08/2008

After years of lending his guitar work to LA bands, Darci Cash and The Absentee, Mack Slevin began writing and recording his own songs under the moniker of Flashing Red Lights in 2005. Quickly picked up by Yukon Records, he would lend 5 songs to Yukon’s first release, a split with Portland based Day of Lions.

While still dividing his time among Darci Cash, The Absentee and more recently The Ghost Kings, Slevin still finds time for Flashing Red Lights and has recently brought in Jason Wrightsman, Mike Hendry and Zach Schrock from the Absentee and Ben Welch from Darci Cash to fill out his sound. FRL has evolved from stripped down singer-songwriter acoustic pieces to full band indie gems that incorporate lap steel and banjo along with Slevin’s intricate guitar parts.

Playing more and more around his native Los Angeles with hi-profile acts such as Valentino, The Parson Red Heads and the Ric Veda, Slevin and crew recently released a 7-song EP, entitled "Bridges".