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Red Hot Chili Peppers were conceived in 1983 in a living room in Hollywood where four close buddies from Fairfax High School (Anthony Kiedis, Hillel Slovak, flea and Jack Irons) performed an acappella rehearsal for a performance to take place at the legendary Rhythm Lounge. The performance consisted of one song, "Out In L.A." which, traditionally, remained their opening song in every live show to date. [Up to November '89 definitely not for BSSM tour in '91, maybe not for '90 tour - lsh] The band soon developed a strong following in Los Angeles, something unheard of considering the fact that the band had only been in existence for a couple of months and had not yet pressed a single album.

It was at this point that Hillel Slovak and Jack Irons decided to continue their prior commitment in their former band, WHAT IS THIS?, while Flea (also formerly a member of WHAT IS THIS?) and Anthony Kiedis recruited Jack Sherman (guitar) and Cliff Martinez (drums). After being signed to EMI Records this line-up recorded the band's first and self-titled debut album. In 1985 Hillel Slovak rejoined the group while Sherman pursued a career as a studio musician.

The band recorded their second album, FREAKY STYLEY, in Detroit with the FUNK GOD, George Clinton, acting as producer.

In 1986 Cliff Martinez was replaced by Jack Irons, reuniting the original line-up. The band's third LP entitled THE UPLIFT MOFO PARTY PLAN was released in 1987 and, as always, the "Hardest working band in show business" followed it's release with a ridiculously extensive tour. They maintained as unusually huge (sold out) live audience, considering their record company had chosen to ignore them purely because of their confusion about the band's type of music. Nevertheless, the tour was great success.

In June 1988 Hillel Slovak died, leaving Anthony, Flea and Jack devastated at the loss of a beautiful friend. It was as that time that Jack Irons left the band, unable to continue with a constant reminder of such an intense loss. [He ended up playing with Pearl Jam (Andres Guevara)]

Anthony and Flea made the choice to continue on. Anthony says "Flea and I realized that we couldn't stop because of the death of our best friend. It was going to be a permanent source of sadness in our lives, but we wanted to keep the Red Hots going because, after five years, it had become our lives."

Anthony and Flea then set out to find two partners who would not only be top of the line musicians, but lifelong friends as well.

Enter John Frusciante, a then 18-year old guitarist who Flea knew from impromptu jams in those recent months. Anthony happened to be present while John was trying out with another Hollywood band, Thelonius Monster. It was via this try-out the John joined the Peppers. John recalls, "Anthony heard me that day and went home to tell Flea that I should be a Pepper, not a Monster. Anthony then called me and told me the same thing and that I was now an equal member of the Red Hots."

"They were my favorite band in the world. I knew every lyric, every guitar part, every solo, and bass part, and had always felt their music to be a source of peace and beauty in my life. I always felt very spiritually and philosophically connected with the band's ideals and way of life. The moment I joined the band was probably the most intense rush of pure happiness I will ever experience in my life."

Finding a drummer was more difficult. After auditioning, and playing with about 40 drummers, none of whom had the mind, body, spirit, and cock that was necessary to be a Pepper, the threesome found Chad Smith. "Chad is a human power plant behind the drums" says Anthony. "He gives it all he has and looks hysterical doing it." As Flea so eloquently puts it, "He has the soul of ten thousand soul monkeys from outer space."

Anthony, John, Flea and Chad jumped right into recording their most recent album, MOTHER'S MILK and, following it's release, began a nine month tour of the world and elsewhere.

MOTHER'S MILK was a success, both artistically and financially, bringing the band their first Gold Album.

On June 16, 1990, the band was introduced at the Greak Theater, (in L.A.) by none other than David St. Hubbins of the legendary group Spinal Tap, which the band apparently feels is the greatest honor a group could receive, in this day and age.

Now that this current line-up is, as Flea puts it, "Tighter than a mosquito's asshole," they are putting their bodies, brains and sexual organs to work to write and record the best music that GOD and the cosmic forces that be will allow them to make. About their direction John claims, "The funky stuff will be funkier, the heavy stuff will be heavier, and the melodic stuff will be more beautiful. Some of it will just be out. Our lives are based on our music and vice-versa and we just want to keep expanding while retaining the energy and flame of cosmicity that
this band has had from day one."

At the time this is being written (August 1990) Anthony is spending the better part of his time with his beautiful girlfriend - Carmen, John with his cigarettes, Flea with his confusion and Chad, in the presence of the Martocci moment. Red Hot Chili Peppers is not four individuals, but one Positive Mental Octopus. It is here to spread love and peace to whoever wants it.

For those of you in search of the meaning of life: find a good burrito place, eat there and be kind to your fellow man.

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Indescribable | Reviewer: Bill Watkins | 8/1/12

I was first introduced to RHCP on the Bloos Sugar Sex Magic album and my fierts thoughts were what bthe hell is this shit, but I could'nt tear myself away from that album as the years went by and the albums grew increasingly better, I woke up one day in 2008 and thought "how to they come up with these lyrics and beats" and I've been absolutely obsessed with them ever since and now at 50 I MUST SEE THEM BEFORE I DIE. "rock on peppers" I will be looking forward to seeing them "SOON" I hop and pray.

just them | Reviewer: rhco <3 | 4/5/12

i listen the group since i was 10 im 16 i have their cd's. im from spain and i had the opportunity to go to their concert in madrid the 17 of december it was crazy and i will never forget it i was just crying. watching chad smith, michael balzary, anthony and josh in this case was fabulous, i only listen their music and my mother is just fed up of them haha, stadium arcadium was the disc which introduced me to the group with snow hey oh, the guitar solo of about 8 seconds at the beginning is amazing, awsome, but made by john we all miss him.
now i know every song of whatever eddition.

book | Reviewer: robin de vries | 11/5/11

i knew the red hot chilli pepeprs when they starts with play they also have a book bringed out named scar tissue its about the life of anthony kiedis en the band how it starts etc. and about is drugs use and offcourse sex
on the cover is all told about sex drugs and rock and roll maybe you can read it that book make me cry it really beautifull

Awesome | Reviewer: alyssa waller | 5/16/11

the red hot chili peppers have been my favorite band ever since i was a baby. my parents would play them when ever i was going to sleep or when we would go on road trips. i am a 16 yr old girl and i am in love with anthony kiedis. i have all thier albums and i would die to see them in concert. i love you red hot chili peppers!!!!!!

The glenroy street gunners | Reviewer: tonna | 6/7/10

if you got to be in the peppers to be a pepper, then quess what you just met the newest an latest pepper ME hehe haha im telling you people every time i puts there tunes on im 1 of the troops anthony chad john flea yeah an me man me im gone to the places there gone true pepper fans will know what shit im talking beleive, banging slaping singing plucking fucking ducking diveing feeling the feeling cause there aint feeling if there aint know meaning. Tonnas a true pepper.

N/A | Reviewer: shirley chaplin | 5/14/10

Could someone please tell me the name of the RHCP song that contains the lyrics "driving in the road -walking through the mountains" - its driving me nuts cos I cant remember the name of the song itself.

Thank you in anticipation

Individual style | Reviewer: Bobo | 4/11/10

I have yet to find a band with similar playing styles to the peppers because, honestly, their style changes song-to-song. My favourite album, on the whole, is Stadium Arcadium 1, but I have tonnes of music by them. They are my favourite artists, not only because of the slow, jazzy songs, but also because of their funky, faster songs. They were some of the first music I listened to, and I'm glad of that.

love em | Reviewer: hannah | 1/21/10

I LOVE THE PEPPERS! I started listening to them when I was nine, when SA came out. I got a couple of their CDS and they did NOT dissapoint. Basically, they are the only thing I listen to. That and John Frusciantes solo work.

Reviewing away | Reviewer: Greenie | 8/10/09

I've been listening to the red hots ever since i was 9, I bought my first CD when I was 13, and currently I hardly listen to anything else. I liked this biography Cause I asumed that it was written around 1990 even before bssm! It helps to remember how long have they been in the business and the way other people felt about them before. But if it was indeed written on that time, please change the photo with dave navarro, he wasn't even in the band back then. something with John, or either with Hillel and Jack would be nice.

Ivana form macedonia | Reviewer: ivana | 2/26/09

Red hot chili peppers are reason why i live. I always wanted to go on the concert, but I never Had Chance.. I know every lyrics of their songs, and I always buy their newest albums... I Wish Tahat One Day I Gonna Meet Them Better Than Now.... I LOVE RED HOT CHILI PEPPERS

new pic? | Reviewer: specialK | 7/25/08

this band is life for me. anthony is an inspiration as not only a writer and a performer, but as an addict turned clean. we all have our struggles; he proves there's a way out.
just one thing, can we get a better picture? one with johnny maybe? i love dave and respect him mad and all, but he's not a pepper anymore.

the best | Reviewer: callum | 5/23/08

rhcp is the best band ive heard ,blood suger sex magic is just a master peice to say the least i hope that there will be more blood suger type work coming from them i look forward to seeing them live one day as i am only 16 thanks for reading

Thank you | Reviewer: Jacqui | 3/13/08

Your book made me feel more emotions than everything else I’ve ever read – it made angry, happy, frustrated, hopeful, pissed off, disgusted, depressed, proud, love, hate, it made me laugh, cry and sing….
I have a brother who has an on/off heroin habit and I have watched it destroy not only his life my whole families– each of us die a little every day.
The emotions I felt when reading your book - I feel every week about my brother. When you made it to 5 years and relapsed I cried my eyes out. I thought what on earth would every take you back to that shit life. I then lost hope again.
I have done things for my brother that most people in my life would never understand – I have scored for him when his been too ill to get on himself. I would go out to meet some doggie dealer, I have picked him with stolen goods, and I have even helped him sell them sometimes.
Anyway I could tell you my millions of stories over his 15 years of drugs but I won't. My little brother thinks he is currently kind of clean if there is such a thing (i dont think so) He has just married a beautiful but crazy Japanese girl – who is not user and had a beautiful baby girl named Iluka Stephanie I hope for her sake he goes and gets some help like you did as he is one angry guy – who never ever has time to help himself……
You not only write beautiful music you write a beautiful life story – Thanks

rhcp are gods!!!! | Reviewer: Flea | 1/26/08

i believe that this band is the best funk/rock/alternative band have ever existed!!!! i loved it from the first time i heard it and i'm waitting their next new album!!! by the way if somebody knows sth about that please imform me!!!

sxy band | Reviewer: shabib | 1/1/08

RHCP's music is so sexy to the degree that every single humanoid on earth shall be their most truthful fan till his wife dies cause of a snake bite.other than this my favourites are Snow,She looks to me,dosed,wet sand, dani california, stadium arcadium, tear, tortur me, storm in a tea cup,strip my mind. by the way flea is not only the best bassist in the world he is also one of my most unknown to me however i love humanoids.

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