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Red Descending Biography

Last updated: 07/14/2011

Fiercely melodic, Red Descending melds traditional thought patterns with modern technologies to create a passionate blend of brutality and evocative imagery. Red Descending in 2007 are working on their first full-length album entitled "Where Dreams Come To Die" and new video clips. The underlying sound of the band is defined by the instrumentation that Red Descending utilises: guitars, symphonic keyboards, raw black metal vocals and powerful drumming. The band released their debut album Where Dreams Come To Die in 2008.

RED DESCENDING is a Metal band who have been gigging around Perth since 2004. They expand on the melodic death metal genre and incorporate symphonic arrangements, industrial elements and the selected use of female vocals. The end result is a unique sound that is both dark and powerful.

After releasing a couple of demos, the band released their full length album “Where Dreams Come to Die” in 2008.
With their debut, RED DESCENDING achieved its aim of producing a sound that rivals the top metal bands that inspired them. The band accomplished this remarkable feat while still holding true the do-it-yourself attitude.
The album was recorded, engineered and mixed by RED DESCENDING guitarist Ian Binet. The music videos featured on the album were filmed and edited by RED DESCENDING vocalist/bass player Bernard Shaw and drummer Jeremy Taylor.

To add the final polish to their album, RED DESCENDING acquired the mastering services of Peter In de Betou whose work with DARK TRANQUILLITY and DIMMU BORGIR impressed the band. Peter’s work on “Where Dreams Come to Die” adds the final touch, bringing the album up to world class standards resulting in acclaimed reviews worldwide and a nomination from Metal Storm for ‘Best melodeath/Gothenburg Metal Album for 2008’