Red Cafe Albums

  • American Psycho II Album (2/18/2014)
    Ice Cold
    Yesterdays Lunch
    Ridin Round
    We Made It (Interlude)
    I Love This Shit
    Cuffin Season (Interlude)
    A World Alone
    10 Shots Of Deleon
    Slow Down
    The Thrill
    Look In Your Eyes
    Do It For The Hood 2
    Im Rich
    We The Lifers
    B B F C
    Champagne For The Pain

  • American Psycho Album (12/12/2012)
    American Psycho
    Thug Passion
    Gucci Everything
    Hold You Down
    No Competition
    Feeling Hood
    Fully Loaded
    The Coldest
    Same Party
    Drug Lord
    Game Over

  • Shakedown Album (6/1/2012)
    Fly Together

  • Hells Kitchen Album (1/1/2012)
    Let It Go Rmx
    Fly Together Rmx
    She Got The Title
    How You Love That
    Cool Boyz
    Can You Hear Me
    Bonus Tracks
    The Motto

  • Above The Cloudz Album (11/30/2010)
  • The Co-Op Album (10/9/2007)

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