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Recon Biography

Last updated: 12/06/2003 03:01:52 AM

Recon is a Christian heavy metal band out of California who formed in 1987. Vocalist Vett Robers originally came from a band titled Seventh Thunder. His vocal style is often compared to Geoff Tate (Queensryche) and Behind Enemy Lines totally sounds like Queensryche on overdrive (playing speed metal similar to their Warning release) with Christian lyrics. Lead guitarist George Rene Ochoa really shreds on Behind Enemy Lines, and he is backed by Eddie Starline (Rhythm Guitar), Mike Grato (Bass) and John Christianson (drums). Recon first appeared on a compilation entitled California Metal 2, later recording Behind Enemy Lines. But around the same time, due to internal problems with the band, Ochoa had decided to join Deliverance (another Christian metal band) leaving Recon behind.

Behind Enemy Lines and Recon were never able to reach their full potential, because once the CD was released the band had already disbanded. The CD reached minimal success and it was later reissued in 2001 by Magdalene/M8 records with a few bonus tracks. 'Alive', 'Behind Enemy Lines' and 'Take Us Away' are all exceptional tracks from Behind Enemy Lines. Recon did reform to release a live album in 2001, eleven years after Behind Enemy Lines, and they are possibly working on a new release which will be called The Chosen Few.