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Humanity's a failed experiment,
walking the path to extinction,
spinning its wheels endlessly;
grease them with oil and uranium.

Humanity's a failed experiment,
walking the path to extinction.

The earth will shake, and the waters will rise;
the elements reclaim what was taken,
what was taken.

The skyline is set ablaze
with regret;
ashes cover a falling
the city will reap what it's sewn
and ignite,
watching as the city burns

Blindly consuming mass manufactured faith,
mankind is a festering parasite.

Blindly consuming mass manufactured faith,
mankind is a festering parasite,
relentlessly draining its host dry,
nailing belief to a cross of genocide.

The elements reclaim what was taken,
what was taken.

The skyline is set ablaze
with regret;
ashes cover a falling
the city will reap what it's sewn
and ignite,
watching as the city burns

Only after the last tree's cut
and the last river poisoned,
only after the last fish is caught
will you find that money cannot be eaten.

When everything becomes irrelevant,
once the sky tears open,
fire rains down; fire rains down;
the fourth world comes to an end.

Push the button; light the match;
feel the fault lines detach.
Cross hairs in the evening light,
I sit it and watch the city burn tonight.

The city burns tonight, tonight.
The city burns tonight.

The skyline is set ablaze
with regret;
ashes cover a falling
the city will reap what it sews
and ignite,
watching as the city burns

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Real Metal | Reviewer: Pariah806 | 6/11/11

LOG is my favorite band and the only reason they haven't been acknoldged as such is because the masses are afraid of Blyth's voice and don't give them a chance. F*** that! I got chills listening to the song before I knew what he was saying and now the song gets to me even more.

Incredible | Reviewer: JD | 5/13/11

When everything becomes irrelevant
When the sky tears open
fire rains down, fire rains down
the 4th world comes to an end
push the button, light the match
feel the fault lines detach
crosshairs in the evening light
I sit and watch the city burn

This part is fucking amazing i cant describe so i just listen over and over again!!!!!

Lord of all songs... | Reviewer: Deadpunk | 7/18/10

Well i have been studying theory of music cos i love music...Reclamation is one of the best songs ever.....the ending as well as the intro, verse, whatever u say-is trully one of the best songs ever but most people dont realize it.....

Its True | Reviewer: George | 5/17/10

Yes this song is awesome but unfortunately its true we pollute the earth and we know it, we use the cross or the american flag as a reason to declare war (for freedom and all that crap) and again we know it but we don't do anything because its normal for us hell the green movement didn't get a jump start when they pushed it in the 70's it took 30 years and Al-gore to say it exist. then people did shit and unfortunately its true. If you want to contact me heres you mo**** fu**** invitation (redneck lyrics in case you dont know) email:

Reclamation - a review | Reviewer: shaun | 3/9/10

This song is truely a retrospect about today's world.. teh world we live in... everyday the world is getting destroyed with more wars fought for peace, industrial pollution and defamation of humanity. There is an honesty in the lyrics i must say. Well as per the music , i personally do not like growling.. i think if the words could have been spoken gently with similar aggression , could have been better. At the end if there could have been a ray of hope for mankind to hold on the faith .. could have been good. Ain't worshiping devil .. i trust in GOD... good work overall by LOG.

insaely crazy song | Reviewer: justin | 1/27/10

i've listened to this song a trillion times and it gives me goosebumps every time. the lyrics are crazy the drummer, vocalist and guitarists are crazy and there song is BADDDD ASSSS (especially at the end) THE CITY BURNS TONIGHTTTTTTTTT!!!!!!

best song ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! | Reviewer: Anonymous | 10/21/09

this is my favorite song by LOG. they are so heavy and it sounds awesome. randy blythe in my opinion is one of the i think the best metal vocalist along with chris adler being the best metal drummer his beats are awesome as well favorite part is when randy says,"Only after the last trees cut n the last river poisoned...only after the last fish is caught will u find that money cannot b eaten. The guitar is awesome also the drums. overall i think LOG is the best metal band ever and i hope they stay that way. please come to michigan!!! like that concert in Detroit with LOG n COB. LOG is so awesome, i cant say it enough. LOG keep on rockin!!!

Best L.O.G. song ever | Reviewer: Somika | 7/28/09

I've listened to this song so many many manyyyy times, heard most of the lyrics correctly(now that I've actually read'em, I realized that I did), but what I've never heard in the song was that part with the 4th world coming to an end. Reading the correct lyrics really put the song together for me. It speaks about the world coming to an end. Genocide, wars, pestillence all the good stuff(among others).

What's interesting about the 4th world is that we live in it according to the mayans, which will end in 2012 and we will enter the 5th world. They say that when the 4th does end we'll be purified by fire and then we'll enter "level five". The point I'm trying to make is that I find it very interesting that the whole song is about humanity cutting the tree from underneath itself and burning and fires and the like and at the end mentions the 4th world coming to an end. Personally I think that it's mentioned in the song for the same reasons aforementioned. If not, my bad.

Oh...and another thing. I personally don't beleive that anything significant will happen in 2012, I mean nothing like the Earth splitting in half, the universe coming to an end, Elvis resurrecting and shit :) But we are headed towards a very dim future in my opinion and Lamb of God gives a very fair warning

Now if only they came to host concerts in Transylvnia...I'd be a happy little fucker

Metal fucking rules !!! \m/ >_< \m/

Epic song. | Reviewer: Justin | 6/28/09

This is, in my opinion, one of the best songs Lamb of God have written. Such powerful lyrics that have a strong meaning behind them combined without powerful and badass music that shows the emotion put into the lyrics whilst still being the brutal metal style that LoG has always had.


cross of genocide \m/ | Reviewer: Jabberwocky | 6/19/09

this is honestly one of the most intelligent songs i have ever heard. lamb of god are so consistent and intelligent in their writing and their musical abilities i have no idea why they arent being heralded unanimously as the best metal band out there today, if not of the 00's.
this song is particularly impressive. the lyric "grease them with oil and uranium" calling out our unquenchable thirst for fuel and weapons. and the rest of the song pointing out that after all our resources are gone, all we will have left is wealth, which wont do us much good when there isnt anything left to make buyable goods.
as for a quick review: this is one of the strongest and most thought-provoking songs LoG has written, which is saying a lot. stay metal!!

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