Reckless Kelly Albums

  • Long Night Moon Album (9/3/2013)
    Long Night Moon
    Real Cool Hand
    Irish Goodbye
    The Girl I Knew
    The Last Goodbye
    The Only Home I've Ever Known

  • Good Luck & True Love Album (9/13/2011)
    Give It A Try
    Save Me From Myself
    Guarded Heart
    She Likes Money, He Likes Love
    I Never Liked St. Valentine
    Weatherbeaten Soul
    Good Luck & True Love
    I Stayed Up All Night Again
    New Moon Over Nashville
    Hit The Ground Runnin'

  • Somewhere In Time Album (2/9/2010)
    Little Blossom
    The Ballad of Elano Deleon
    Bird on a Wire
    Everything I Could Do Wrong
    Some People's Kids
    I Hold the Bottle, You Hold the Wheel
    Best Forever Yet
    Idaho Cowboy
    Pure Quill
    You Cared Enough to Lie
    Somewhere in Time

  • Bulletproof Album (6/24/2008)
    Ragged As The Road
    You Don't Have To Stay Forever
    Love In Her Eyes
    Passin' Through
    I Never Had A Chance
    One False Move
    A Guy Like Me
    American Blood
    How Was California?
    Don't Say Goodbye
    God Forsaken Town
    Wandering Eye

  • Reckless Kelly Was Here Album (9/1/2006)
  • Wicked Twisted Road Album (9/1/2005)
  • Under The Table And Above The Sun Album (5/13/2003)
  • The Day Album (10/31/2000)
  • Millican Album (7/7/1998)

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