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The Pale Pacific Reasons To Try Lyrics

Last updated: 02/02/2006 10:00:00 AM

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I've been up and down, down and up and I'm bruised and feeling sad life is unfair I cry and I complain 'cause I'm so mad lying on the floor today like yesterday I'm the laziest you've ever seen I want change and want it now but not if I have to change my routine I need reasons to try I need that push to get up and go! I give up, change is math that's way over my head tell me about the hope and the movement that finally gets me out of bed I point my finger and frown and talk, talk down and make myself sick I've avoided guilt for most of my life and blame is what did the trick I need reasons to try I need that push to get up and go! Don't you know you let me down (you know you let me down) all the times you're not around? (the times you're not around) I want reasons to try (I want reasons to try) I need that push to get up a

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