Rearview Mirror Lyrics

Adam Ptacek - vocals
Matt Olson - guitar
Jason Ptacek - bass
T.J. Kammer - drums

The First Band I Ever Signed -- by Steve Lillywhite

After more that 30 years of producing bands for other
labels I decided to start my own label, Gobstopper Records,
through Chris Blackwell's Palm Pictures. With that, I
finally had the chance t sign a band for myself. Choosing
my own signing seemed like such an important decision but I
had an idea of the sort of band I wanted. I wanted youth,
and more than that, I wanted the kind of intangible
exciting More...

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One of those songs... | Reviewer: Matt Moore
    ------ About the song In The Beginning performed by Rearview Mirror

"In the beginning" has been stuck in my head for two days now. I think it is one of those songs that you never get sick of. In my opinion, thats how you tell the difference between a good song and a great song. I remember hearing this song on rock 108, even though it didn't get the amount of plays it deserves, and loving it. (3-7 years?...i have a bad longterm memory) . I was even at a concert of theres in cedar rapids, a while after hearing them for the first time, and feeling as thoug that song rocked my balls off when they got done playing it. Then i heard it two days ago while listening to a friend's old CDs and couldn't get enough of it. I was wondering if rearview mirror is still together and doing gigs. I love music (listening, going to shows, and playing guitar) and would be stoked to see them play again.

!!! Attention whoever is reading this email- whit any info. It would be greatly appreciated.

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