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Carole King Really Rosie Lyrics

Last updated: 01/17/2011 10:00:00 AM

I'm really Rosie
And I'm Rosie Real
You better believe me
I'm a great big deal!


I'm a star from afar
Off the golden coast
Beat the drum! Make that toast!
To Rosie the Most!


I can sing
Tea for Two and Two for Tea
I can act
To be or not to be
I can tap
Across the Tappan Zee
Hey, can't you see?
I'm terrific at everything!
No star shines so bright as me--Rosie!


I'm Really Rosie
And I'm Rosie Real
You'd better believe me
I'm a great big deal


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I starred in this. | Reviewer: Karly | 4/14/2007

This show is an amzing one! I myself played as Rosie in a musical version and it was alot of fun! Ten out of ten! Recommended!

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