Reagan Youth Lyrics

David Rubinstein was born in 1964. He formed "Reagan Youth"
with guitarist Paul Bakija when both were in high school in
Rego Park, Queens. While they were still in high school,
the band played the punk clubs of Manhattan. In fact,
David's science teacher became a roadie for the band (That
high school teacher was so into the punk scene that he
shaved his head and as a result almost go fired by the
school administration).

As the members graduated from high school, Reagan Youth was
performing regularly at C.B.G.B.'s and an established More...

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Review about Reagan Youth songs
Good stuff. | Reviewer: Brendan
    ------ About the song Reagan Youth performed by Reagan Youth

Okay so I just want to say that while many will hate on this song because its hardcore punk.

I say that it is a good song and a great album.
There's no reason for anybody to hate on this kinda stuff because this music is like family for some people.

RIP Dave Insurgent

Hatefull | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song I Hate Hate performed by Reagan Youth

Ode Of a hateful Bigot.

I hate white folks just cause dey white. Their slimy white skin glows through the night. I hate white folks, it might be a sin. But, worse than white womens I hates white men. Now, I hate black folks just cause dey black. Now, dey caint hep it, cause God dun made em like dat. I hates black folk and I don't care. Hate their shiny black skin and their kinky black hair. Now, you Muslims, Jehovah's witness, Mormones and more. Take your dumb as bible and keep your hands off my door. Yeah, I hate white folk and goddamn the jew. What you laughing fo? I hates you ass too.

great! | Reviewer: maria
    ------ About the song New Aryans performed by Reagan Youth

this is an awesome song that kicks those neo-nazi fucks right in the balls.

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