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Meja Ready Lyrics

Last updated: 06/19/2002 10:14:37 PM

Water falling, out to sea
can磘 help laughing at my own misery
The table磗 turning
something new
I better see a spark of light
shining thru

I磎 breaking
I磎 tired of this part I play
I better stop this now


I磎 ready
(right about now)
I磎 ready
(screaming out loud)
I磎 ready
I really gotta go, really gotta go
I磎 ready
(Tell me are you with me?)
I磎 ready
(really really with me?)
I磎 ready
If you wanna go
If you wanna go?

Old reflections come from you
scenes of history
really nothing new
but it磗 time to face it
to say goodbye
no one likes to
but there磗 a reason why

I磎 breaking
I wanna love and feel
and live the here and now


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