Razorlight Lyrics

Every once in a while a band emerges fully formed, that
fulfils a dream no-one even realised they had. A band who
are spookily, synchronically of the moment, but who also
transcend it, slightly glazed eyes already on where they're
going next. A band who simply strap on, plug in and give
out but manage to do so with an uncanny pop universalism. A
band whose musical Esperanto is, in this case, comprised of
equal parts American, English and Swedish - a
transatlantic/North Sea meeting of angular, electric wire
guitars here, a voice as More...

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Review about Razorlight songs
Europe | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song America performed by Razorlight


Europe is not a country, it's a continent. The blue flag with golden stars is from the European Union, which isn't a county as well; it's a economic and political union (hence the name 'Union')of different European countries. Learn some shit before you start yelling.

tss | Reviewer: louplo
    ------ About the song America performed by Razorlight

Okay, person beneath my comment...
What if all of Europe starts singing songs about how Europe is the greatest nation ever on this planet and we would be waving our blue/gold star flag in every movie we make and put it in our classrooms and teach our childeren that: outside Europe... the world is shit!
Let's see how much the US en the rest of the world likes us then... If you dont get it, then dont talk about it. We are talking about nations, not about individuals. We are talking how 'groups of people' act... not how a single human would act at any given time. It's called generalisation and it's logics.. It works and it is of vital for our survival. Generalisation makes things understandable and if it works, why wouldnt we... If you feel so bad about the horrible name your nation has, you shouldnt vote for assholes. Every nation gets the Government it deserves and its obvious what the US deserved to have. A nationalistic ( c.q. dangerous) bunch of powerhungry rich guys. You shouldnt blame the observer for seeing the drawing you drew. You guys have the worst PR of the entire planet and you blame us for not liking you.. get outa here.

Such hatred toward a group..... | Reviewer: Joyce-in America
    ------ About the song America performed by Razorlight

Wow! I am saddened to see this anti-American attitude from the people on this site. I am an American and think that this hatred toward an entire country of people is quite ignorant yet you call us all ignorant. I'll bet you that if we met we'd like each other and get along quite well. Have you been to the United States? How are you drawing this conclusion? We're a country of proud, hard-working and friendly people, much like your country. Open your minds and stop the hate.

America's Taking Over | Reviewer: Larissa
    ------ About the song America performed by Razorlight

I think this song reflects that Britain is influenced by America a lot. I mean kids channels for example - there's the british channels, cbbc and citv and cbeebies but then there's nickelodeon, disney channel cinemagic and various others. But then again, Britain is multicultural, there are different takes on it.

Confused | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song Who Needs Love? performed by Razorlight

I'm sick of this guy in school showing different feelings to me EVERYDAY. and i'm sick of trying to find out each day what it means. I love him, but if he's so stupid not to know, then whatever rite?

Dissemination of Culture | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song America performed by Razorlight

I think this song clearly addresses frustration with the overbearingness of Americanism, pushing against the United Kingdom especially, to an extent that it occludes the native culture. The feature of the song that there's nothing on the TV or nothing on radio that means anything to the narrator indicates a lack of relation to the material. Yet, all his life he's been watching event after event in the United States, as if its somehow relevant.

We're all American | Reviewer: Natalia
    ------ About the song America performed by Razorlight

I interpretate this song as showing a feeling of being conected to Americas problems, even though you might not even be American. I well remember the fear we all had when 9/11 happened. Not because of terrorism but because of the threat of a 3. world war

I Absolutely Love This Song | Reviewer: Yuuki
    ------ About the song Who Needs Love? performed by Razorlight

I broke up with my boyfriend (who just happened to be my sister's ex) and at first I thought it would suck being single again, but my sister kept telling me I'd feel a helluva lot better. And you know what? I do feel a helluva lot better. That's way I listen to this song, because, who really NEEDS love? If its not real, then its just gonna end in disappointment.

S'all good. | Reviewer: Brickabrak
    ------ About the song America performed by Razorlight

The song is about the negativity spread by the american government to keep the population neatly in the corner not questioning what they're told. Fear tactics.But it's also used as a form of distraction, kind of like a magician confuses you with the one hand and performs with the other.The song supposedly suggested that the persona has fallen into this trap not even expirincing it's life anymore but soully intranced by the media even though it means nothing to it. She's lost in america, i would guess refers to to a female wanting to be so much like what the media is 'telling' her she should be. The persona's loneliness is due to lack of love shown from anywhere else than a lover, which is lost in america. Just an opinion...

Lance's interpretation | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song America performed by Razorlight

So what do you folks think on this ... The bloke is fed up with a dead-end life and can just see it all meaninglessly revolving around the Telly which just dictatorially feeds a constant stream of this America-centric world. He can't even figure out his own life, not even understanding yesterday's events even if it were written out in replay before him. What is he doing buying into all this stuff, but he just can't seem to help it. How does it feel? Surely someone else out there feels the same. Well at least the bloke is honest.

You know, we are all so darn "comfy" and locked into our own worlds - someone give us something to live for - to die for!!

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