Razorlight Albums

  • Slipway Fires Album (3/1/2008)
    Wire To Wire
    You And The Rest
    Tabloid Lover
    North London Trash
    60 Thompson
    Burberry Blue Eyes
    Blood For Wild Blood
    Monster Boots
    The House
    Hostage Of Love

  • Razorlight Album (7/20/2006)
    In The Morning
    Who Needs Love?
    Hold On
    Fall To Pieces
    Can't Stop This Feeling I've Got
    Pop Song 2006
    Kirby's House
    Back To The Start
    Los Angeles Waltz

  • Up All Night Album (6/28/2004)
    Leave Me Alone
    Rock'n'Roll Lies
    Up All Night
    Which Way Is Out
    Rip It Up
    Golden Touch
    Stumble & Fall
    Get It And Go
    In The City
    Hang By, Hang By
    To The Sea

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