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Music has the power to instantly set a mood, whether it be
sad, serious, or fun. So when Ray J began working on his
Atlantic debut, "THIS AIN'T A GAME," his goal was to inject
the energetic, raw vitality so often absent from R&B. The
handsome, multi-talented 20-year-old born Willie Norwood,
Jr. has created a sophomore album that ignites with the
flare of a hip hop party record while incorporating plenty
of R&B sparks. Combined, these elements are destined to
keep his throngs of female fans happy.

The Southern California-bred, McComb, More...

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Review about Ray J songs
R.I.P. Melody Jefferson | Reviewer: Kevin Tossie
    ------ About the song Melody performed by Ray J

I love this song! My God-Daughter was named Melody after this song. She is deceased now. She was 2 years old when her father beat her to death. This song is a memorial for us to her! We miss you Mel-Mel! Melody Jefferson 11-7-2007~4-17-2010

I don't know anything about magic or how he does it | Reviewer: martires
    ------ About the song One Wish performed by Ray J

I don't know anything about magic or how he does it, but THERAPIST ONIHA is on the top of my personal list of "go-to people FOR HELP" when I find myself in a quandary or a disappointment regarding my love life. That is the most important part of life, in my opinion, and I was really
going through a tough time with my wife of 14 years. It was really rough-going for several years before I finally got the kind of help I needed. I never would have thought I would have gone to a necromancer, but therapist Oniha is more than just about helper in spells": He is a caring, deeply evolved human being with great sensitivity blessings, and if it were not for him, I am totally certain my wife and I would be each other's "ex" on this very day. I love THERAPIST ONIHA of the
winexbackspell@gmail.com he is wonderful.

If i had one wish | Reviewer: Jose
    ------ About the song One Wish performed by Ray J

I would wish that i never admited to myself and to the love of my life that i love him. I made one off the biggest mistakes of my life by addmiting it to him on the first day of us talking. I guess i said it was because that is what i was feeling at the time, and even till now i do. But ever since then, everything just keeps going downhill and i dont know how much longer and can take it going downhill from here. He is my life and i would do absolutely everything in my power to make him happy. and if its for us not to be together, and i know myself that i have thought through it properly, i will let it go because i know that without me, he will be better and find someone better. But i just cant stop thinking about him day and night and its just a constant thought of him. I adore him, hes perfect. hes a dream come true. Hes my angel in discuss. Hes my life.

Lost... | Reviewer: P.G
    ------ About the song One Wish performed by Ray J

So there's this girl which I have been seeing, not knowing she had a bf I kept insisting to go out, so we did... She then broke up with him and started seeing me more and talking more often and we both developed feelings for each other until her ex came back into the picture, It all became pretty dry after that happened and I had a feeling he was in the picture so I backed off.
I stopped talking to her for about a month and she ended up contacting me, It hurt too much to talk to her... I ended up confessing my feelings to her as did she.
All I want is for her to be happy.
We're on talking terms again, and shes having a rough time with her man, I'm gonna leave it to fate to decide... if it's meant to be it's meant to be...

my wish | Reviewer: anonymous
    ------ About the song One Wish performed by Ray J

If i had one wish it would be to make us come closer, have you by myself. But i would only need one wish! I'll be okay if i get one wish thats all i need! Ray J did that song i love it so much. Everytime i listen to this song i think how we could go on and what would happen! He said 3 but if you really love them u would just need one wish and make that wish last forever!

incomplete..</3 | Reviewer: amanda s.
    ------ About the song One Wish performed by Ray J

If i had one wish id wish to be reunited with the one i love. it started off so perfect he knew my whole family i knew his. everyone loved him and i was crazy about him. but because of what we did everyone thinks it was a mistake and we messed up and they put me in a different skool took my phone and deleted my facebook, they expect me to just forget about him just like that but i will nvr forget him and to me we didnt mess up and ill never regret it. but now i havent seen him in months. im blessed with friends that try and help but its not the same.and to make matters worse our 2 year aniversury is almost here...:( im so sprung on this dude its not even funny. i still love my bby even more now and i hope he still loves me.... this is my wish if i had one.....m&a ahora y para siempre<3

Give Me Mhy Hearrt </3 | Reviewer: Ashaa .
    ------ About the song One Wish performed by Ray J

- Ok here's mhy story. I've love this boy name DAJOUR and its like i WILL never get over him but he broke mhy heart ! he always talk to other girl includinq mhy BESTFRIEND but no matta how much dumb shxxt he dhid ...i still talked to him as friends I LOVE HI MSO MUCH but the day i leaft him its like i left him with mhy heart becausee all i DO is think about this boyyy EVERYDAY.

He should-ve dedicated it to me... | Reviewer: Unknown
    ------ About the song One Wish performed by Ray J

The frst time I heard this song, I was heart-broken, and I listened to it for at LEAST fifteen times a day. He broke ma heart. But now I look at him as nothin'. Much happier without him after all, =()

Love Will Never End | Reviewer: Heart Breaker
    ------ About the song One Wish performed by Ray J

This song means so much to me. My boyfriend's cousin always talks about he loved me first and was always there when we were kids. It has some truth in it, he was always there for me when we were kids. I am so torn because he sent this to me and it has been eight years since he told me that he loved me (who's counting...?)

I love my boyfriend with all of my heart, but I don't want to lose my best guy friend also...

MY $REAL$ REASON.. CONTINUED! | Reviewer: Alexandria Ashley Allgood
    ------ About the song One Wish performed by Ray J

ge. Hez special 2 me n a way that i cant explain. We got 2gethor on March 30, on a wed. it sumhow jus happened at P.E. when my class came bak 4rm gunderson high.. this guy Daniel && his BF Emmanual went up 2 Kage && asked him if he iked me. i told them not 2, tha he'll prob say no. But corse they did it nyway && i guess he say ya, kinda 2 em. i said yur liein && thas not true. i kept tellin myself tha cuz i've iked 4 so long i didnt wanna get ma hopez up. Latta i fond out tha it waz true. i waz so happy && didnt noe wat ta do! Tha nex day atP.E. again i sat in my usual spot && waited 'till Kage cam ovr. He sat down criss cross n front of me. i say″soo.. bout wat D & E say yestaday.″He say ohhh.. & kina bak away. i say so, do ya ike me? um let me think. ya. i melted inside && say soo, do u wanna, u noe?? He say yes. I turned, then look bak && smile real big at 'em && he did 2oo. then i put out my hand && he took it. After a bit he say i betta go ovr ther, 2 his spot 4 P.E. i laugh, say oh, ha, yaa..:]] But i waz really happy. Kage is tha firs guy who i really ike. itz not jus 4 fun im not doin it cuz im bein forced 2oo. Itz all me this time. I nevr thot i wood say this but, Kage, i lov u. Mor tha nything else. u mean evrything 2 me && if u evr read this i jus want u to noe tha u changed me 4eva i hop u nevr leav cuz idk wat i'd eva do wit out cha! i miss u so much rite now. i jus wish i could see ya. u keep me goin && get me threw all tha hard stuff wit my mom. u noe wat i mean;]]) This song rockz! Itz tha mos cheesy-GEWD! sweet sentamental song i've herd. It alwayz remindz me of Kage, && i wish i cood dedicate it him sumday, buttt n my wordz sumhow! <$

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