Raven Albums

  • This Is My Time Album (9/21/2004)
    What Is Love?
    Set Me Free
    Just Fly Away
    Life Is Beautiful
    What's Real
    Grazing in the Grass
    This Is My Time

  • Architect Of Fear Album (3/22/1991)
    Intro - Architect Of Fear
    Architect Of Fear
    Got The Devil
    Part Of The Machine
    Under The Skin
    White Hot Anger
    Can't Run And Hide
    Blind Leading The Blind
    Just Let Me Go
    Heart Attack
    Sold Down The River

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    Backflip | Reviewer: Clarke
        ------ About the album This Is My Time performed by Raven

    I think that it is a great song because it shows guys want most women want and that is respect. For guys who don't show respect for your wife you should because not be around long

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