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Raven's full name is Raven-Symoné Christina Pearman.

Raven-Symone literally grew up in front of the cameras. This child model and actress made her COSBY SHOW debut when she was three years old; her career has been unstoppable ever since. She went straight from THE COSBY SHOW to a four-year stint on the popular sitcom HANGIN' WITH MR. COOPER, with guest appearances in THE FRESH PRINCE OF BEL AIR and SPACE GHOST along the way. She played the five-year-old Queen in the miniseries of the same name, was Stymie's girlfriend in the 1994 big-screen LITTLE RASCALS, and voiced Goldilocks in HAPPILY EVER AFTER: FAIRY TALES FOR EVERY CHILD. She has also had memorable roles in both Eddie Murphy's DOCTOR DOLITTLE feature films, as well as appearing as Nebula Wade in XENON: GIRL OF THE 21ST CENTURY. Her upcoming projects include starring roles in the 2002 series THAT'S SO RAVEN and the animated KIM POSSIBLE.

Raven-Symone hasn't stopped at acting, though. She's a singer as well, and has released two CDs. She has toured in the musical production A MOTHER'S PRAYER, and even sung as a warm-up act for boy band 'N Sync. Somewhere in the midst of this hectic schedule, she finds time to attend high school in Atlanta.

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that so raevn like fashion desringer make own cthiong | Reviewer: kambreshia | 1/12/13

my name is kambreshia brooks I like your shows you so funny young girl
love fashion designer make own cthiong girl my boo is trey songzs and jamal herny love you too 22

its all about raven | Reviewer: Anonymous | 4/4/10

raven i love ur acting, also all of your songs. To me u are one of the top best actor and singer in the universe. i really wish that i could have the confidence that u have when u are on camera. i know i can do it but something always pushes me back when i try. I hope one day i will see u in real life. i really would like to meet you. ur #1 fan, imani.

DEAR Raven samone | Reviewer: fallon rae good | 2/9/10

Raven you have always been a great actor i have always admired you please go back on tv you are the best actor still on tv i think that no one is still as funny as you will ever be and please send me a e-mail i thiink you are great and should go back to acting please please please.

t'keyah aka te-te | Reviewer: t'keyah | 7/19/09

omg i love u raven u are my fav actress and singer i buy all your cd's i just love your your music alot of people say that i remind them of u by the way i dress and look i just wish one day i could meet u or be in a movie with u cause i love to ack that's my dream but yea i love u to death maybe one day my dream will come true by the way i'm 14 and my fav color is pink that's what i like people to know about me.

curious | Reviewer: nina | 6/15/09

dear raven,its the one and only nina!! this whole baby issue has now really get me thinking... did you really give birth to a baby gurl, and waste your life and just through your life away by givig away your virginaty just like that to some man..? i mean i thought you was better than that .. i alwayz admire you and your sense of humor and you was my role model..butt now giving up yourself like that has really got me thinking.. doo i really wannah be like dat

Raven u are awsome | Reviewer: heather | 5/14/09

Raven i act just like yo everyday. When im with my friends we act like the cheeatah girls. I really want to meet u. I wish we could hang out. I will try to make it to ur next concert. You are so beautiful. You inspire me to sing in front of a huge crowd. I really want to meet u write back too me as soon as u can. I love you like a sister. please please write back to me as soon as possible. o ya im 15 years old well talk to ya later please write back to me ty bye.

stephanie yor fan | Reviewer: stephanie pierre | 4/15/09

It's good to see on TV and other things such as movies. My favorite show on all was the Cosby Show which still is, but the point is i don't care how old i am i will always be your #1 fan .love u always

I adore yhu | Reviewer: Jaylene liddy | 1/22/09

Yeah as i said i just adore you so much i look up 2 you i watch your show everyday thats so raven i just love your voice in it iv been told im a very good actor&& singer by many people but im just to shame to sing or act. Hahaha your my idol i watch all of fresh prince of belair. You were so cute in it i didnt believe it at first that it was you. You have grown and changed so much. Your just my role model. I just love everything you say you always no what 2 say i love everything you do. You make me so proud. Everytime i watch your show. I just love you.



love raevn syomne like your tv shows that so raevn | Reviewer: kambreshia brooks | 9/23/08

was little gilr she palying the cdosy show palying in cheetha grlis 2 and that so raevn cheetha gilrs 1 cogelle raod trip she wion nick awder she like do fashoin desgins own catlose love you ever so nice so sweet name is raevn symone

LOVE UR ACTING | Reviewer: manisha | 5/24/08

i love ur acting and u r a good actor as well i like ur show THAT'S SO RAVEN telecasted on disney channel i have lots of ur pics in my computer i like chealse and eddie also and codyand ur parents.ok BYE
HAVE A NICE DAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

love it | Reviewer: aba | 5/14/08

i have been a fan of you and you look kind of like my sister, you also remind me of her.My biggest dream is to be like you make a song and star in a movie with you.you are beautiful and so amazing who would not want to be you.i would love to have your email address cause i am just dying to meet you.

Proud to be an Young Black successful Girl | Reviewer: Jasmine King | 3/18/08

I think Raven has been an inspiration to a lot of young girls. She has the attitude that know matter what comes her way she can tackle it and make the best of the situation. I admire her and wish that i could become a young teen actress some day. I respect the fact that she keeps her personal life out of the business.

what's up girl | Reviewer: Domie | 1/23/08

I hear they are having a new cheetah girls! Cheetah girls 3! every since cheetah girls came out me and my friens acted like each cheetah girl! we love your movies! Though I never see you on cheetah girls comercials! What's up with this? are you busy? or are you not going to be in cheetah girls 3 in India? ps. alot of ppl have told me you had a baby. i told my mom, but she didnt believe me. so did u or did u not? if u did I hope this doesn't interfear with you being in the next movie!?! pss. im 11 and i love the cheetahs SOO much!

Chocolate T | Reviewer: Julia Witter | 1/14/08

Raven i just love your show but on the reals or the real is it true you recenty gave birth to a daughter not to be all in your business but i just want to know the answer p.s. i am a huge fan. Let us know about the baby news holla and stay real.

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