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Arcturus Raudt Og Svart Lyrics

Last updated: 03/06/2003 10:23:09 PM

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Deira dagar har m?rkna
Moder jord meld sitt fraafall
Men sverdet har gaat vidare
Til ein ny b?rar

Me er einsomme menn
Me b?r fenresulvens muspell
Skoll skal sluka sola

Me er djerve menn

Sola svartner
Der fjellvegg ramlar
Naa gjestar sorgen
Paa livets tre (Yggdrasil)

For byleits bror farar
Kva er det ikkje Kampfar klaren?

[English translation:]

[Red And Black]

The days have darkened
Mother earth announces her death
While the sword has moved on
To a new bearer

We are lonesome men
We bear the wolf-Fenris Muspell
Skoll shall swallow the sun

We are brave men

Sun blackens
Where mountain's walls collapse
Now guest the sorrow
On the life's tree (Yggdrasill)

For Byleit's brother travels
What is it that the Warfather can't do?

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