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Hear the words of the Rastaman say:
"Babylon, you throne gone down, gone down;
Babylon, you throne gone down."

Said I hear the words of the Iyaman say:
"Babylon, you throne gone down, gone down;
Babylon, you throne gone down."
/Short instrumental break/
And I see the angel with the seven seals say:
"Babylon throne gone down, gone down;
Babylon throne gone down."
/Short instrumental break/
I say fly away home to Zion (fly away home);
I say fly away home to Zion (fly away home).
One bright morning when my work is over,
Man will fly away home.
/Short instrumental break/
One bright morning when my work is over,
Man will fly away home.
One bright morning when my work is over,
Man will fly away home.
Say one bright morning when my work is over,
Man will fly away home.

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Jesus Christ is Haile Selassie I of Ethiopia | Reviewer: Flipperdreadlocks | 4/8/13

It's always a badminded person lurking to try to undo Jah,Jah works @brierant...Bob Marley knew Jesus Christ is the Emperor of Ethiopia Haile Selassie I the First...so you a si anti-christ badmind because you dont know Jesus Christ returned with a new name...HAILE SELASSIE I...Kno Seh Jesus Christ is Haile Selassie I of Ethiopia...King Alpha Queen Omega I Jah Ras TafarI.

Brie's Rant | Reviewer: me | 9/18/11

The second reviewer, Brie, wrote: The Babylon throne gone down went down once, a long time ago, like it will go down again. Bob Marley says many things that ring true, except that he directly denies Jesus Christ. Sorry, but technically speaking, this is considered anti-christ.
The last line is where your argument falls apart. The nature of love is not technical so you cannot analyze it in such a way.

Get it right | Reviewer: Gotitright | 7/20/11

The first review got it right. You cannot understand BMW music if you do not understand Bob Marley, and you cannot understand him unless you read the Bible, which Bob did regularly. If you knew the Bible, you would realize much of his lyrics come DIRECTLY from it, which is one reason he is considered by some Rasta to be a prophet.

So if you have to be told what Babylon is, read up. If you still don't get it, you never will, some people are not made to "get it". They are cannon fodder in this spiritual war.

"Dem knew it, but dem can't do it" -Marley on trying to teach professional musicians to play reggae. The same concept applies to understanding Scripture.

FYI, Rastafari does not deny Christ. It adds an incarnation of God, in the form of Haile Sellasie (Ras Tafari).

ISm-Schism GAme | Reviewer: Anonymous | 1/7/11

Basically The Honorable Robert Nesta Marley is saying our people are sick and tired of the ism-schism which means we are sick and tired of racism, democrat ism, class ism, socialism and all the other isms because these are been use as a game to control our minds. He also made it clear that we have fallen for the religious lies that Christianity has erroneously fool Black people to believe that when they die they will go to Heaven in jesus' name. It is a lie--pronouncing the name of jesus to get into heaven is the most ludicrous mind controlling propaganda that we have been fed. Why do we need a white appearing jesus to save our sorry asses so we can get to heaven. Life is for all of us to look to planet earth and Black folks need to stop listening to the salve masters who have been telling our people from the beginning of time to delay many things and wait for that "wonderful" day in the sky. That day will not come and we need to be realistic. We have been bred to be fearful and we have been living a life full of lies because the people around us who think they are "gods" have study us, our DNA and everything about us so that they can manipulate us to the core. These "people" are not hue-man so they use their lies which is mainly in the form of religion to control us. God is us, and we are Gods, why is that hard to believe? If you listen to another of his song you will hear him specifically singing-"use your brain wash education to make us fools" which he is 100% right about because many of our folks are nothing but educated fools who believe that the do call "higher education" make them smarter than their brothers and sisters without this "accolade". Jah Live children yeah because we all are Jah.

We know when we understand, a mighty God is a living man | Reviewer: Tony | 8/30/10

I won't pretend to understand Rastafarian religion. But to me these words, along with the lines before them, and the refrain that comes after, is a denunciation of "pie in the sky" religion(s). God isn't in the sky, god isn't something you find only after you die, god is right here on earth, and if you want paradise, you've got to stand up for your rights. Right here on earth.

Jah + Allah + Hashem + Jesus = One God | Reviewer: RakkuRii | 5/20/10

Jah + Allah + Hashem + Jesus = One God

People, please, do the base minimal research on Rastafarianism before making claims about what a Bob Marley song is about. He was a very religious man, and despite popular culture representations Rastafarianism is a about a about a lot more than marijuana (this is just a sacrament to them, the same as wine in Judaism or Christianity).

Babylon is a metaphor for the colonial and post-colonial power structures of imperialism, be they by government, corporation, or corrupt religious institution. The metaphor parrallels the forced exile of Africans into the colonies of the New World under a system racial slavery - and later the racial discrimination and exploitation that has followed abolition - with the exile of the Ancient Jews in Babylonia. Thus for the Rasta Babylon is, more or less the global power structure that has been built by Europeans (either those in Europe itself, or their Euro-American descendants in the New World), a power structure which has dealt a rather raw hand to this day to peole of African origin. Rastas believe that, just as Ancient Babylon fell for their crimes, God will bring justice to this modern Babylon of racial and economic opporession. Thus Babylon's throne will fall down.

Now, as for the other posters saying basically, don't be fooled into liking Bob Marley because he's religious, he didn't believe in Jesus the same way Christians do. If you can't appreciate people of different faiths praising God in their music, you should probably just stick to music from within your own denomination. Hopefully, though, most people won't be fooled by different names like Jah, Allah, Hashem or Jesus, and realize in different ways, trhough our different cultural lenses, we all worship the same, one, true God. Or am I wrong?

As for line "we’re sick and tired of your ism-schism game, dying to go to heaven in Jesus name,” I don't think this is meant as an attack on Christians at all, it is about people who invoke the name of religion to convince people to die falsely in the name of God or Jesus or whoever. Think more of the invocation of Jesus' name for the Crusades or the Inquisition. It has nothing to do with Christianity or Jesus being bad, it is about bad people abusing Jesus' name for personal. Should such uses of Jesus' name not be abhorrant to any many who would call himself Christian?

Lastly, just to clarify the line "we know when we understand, mighty God is a living man," is again a direct reference to a specific Rastafarian belief. They believed Halie Selassie to be the living incarnation of God (similar idea to Jesus, of God in the flesh, and many Rastas even consider both Jesus and Halie Selassie to have been such examples of God manifest in the flesh). Halie Selassie, or Rastafari, was considered to be the "living God." Now I personally find the idea of God being a flesh and blood human - be it Jesus or Rasatafari - kind of absurd, but that doesn't stop me from appreciating the music of a man who devoted himself to God in his own way.

my thoughts | Reviewer: Anonymous | 2/10/10

The music of Bob has changed my life (for the better) everyone gets there own message in there own way. I dont believe there is a right or wrong way as long as you get the message of GOD. (Which is what Bob was about) I personally could care less about everything else (the bible, religions, government)and I dont think about all the things I have been taught in life for I know now they were all lies. I now live my life daily to be rightous (yet not perfect no one is and God knows we will never be), i live it with love and strong convictions for my beliefs. I feel that is all we can do. To me Babylon is not just government but all systems that try to tell us how to live our life, what to do, what is wrong like churches as well as our government.... The bible is man made,even though there is truth in the bible there is a lot of exaggerated truth as well. I feel if we follow God and our hearts things will be wonderful for us all. The message I get from Bob is that it is about God and nothing else and that is who we should be praising. Just sharing how Bob has touched my life for it is a great blessing and hope all can experience.

An orthodox view | Reviewer: Anonymous | 4/15/09

The story of heaven is stupid, same as the story about holy pope, the keeper of heavens keys. So, whoever believes that most beautifull and powerfull thing in human life, the relligion, is happening in that simple fashion, has a big problem with IQ stats, or the easy way to say - is stupid.

Bob Marley's rant | Reviewer: Brie | 1/13/08

The Babylon throne gone down went down once, a long time ago, like it will go down again. Bob Marley says many things that ring true, except that he directly denies Jesus Christ. Sorry, but technically speaking, this is considered anti-christ. Getting one thing wrong out of a multitude of heartfelt truths may not seem so bad, except when you consider that the water won't kill you, but the 1% arsenic IN the water WILL kill you. Chanting along to Bob Marley's seemingly reasonable lyrics, you may find yourself accidently chanting that "dying and going to heaven in Jesus' name" is stupid. Oops! There's the arsenic. The belief that if people truly love the religion that they practice they will all be swept into heaven despite the fact that they never loved or worshipped God is pretty silly. That water probably tasted great the whole time they drank it, but at the end the arsenic killed them just the same.

live it | Reviewer: last verse | 11/15/07

Here’s something to ponder on. Babylon, you throne gone down, gone down. I used to think that this song was about the system of world government, yet how little i knew. When I listened to Get up, Stand up however there’s the line “we’re sick and tired of your ism-schism game, dying to go to heaven in Jesus name” Yet, can a man who preaches “one love” as a theme throughout all of his, truly inspired, songs, can he actually be bringing down the very God of one love? Is it not more likely that Mr Marley was, just as he said sick and tired of those “Christians” who find salvation in Jesus, but do no more than sit upon church pews week after week and go no further? Or was he sick of the whole “Babylon system” of hierarchical religion (which oppresses its members and looks down on other faiths)?
Hasn’t the throne of Babylon “gone down”? Are we experiencing the great falling away which was prophesied?
Aren’t true followers of Jesus Christ realizing that they carry about within themselves the true church, and as they are the “Body of Christ” they don’t need the church of the Babylon system?
Perhaps all men of all faiths who truly live their lives in “One Love,” opening their hearts to the truth are in actual fact living in the true Spirit of God.
So long as we continue to label others as Muslim, Christian, Rastafarian, we abide not in the truth, in the fullness of the Spirit of love. “All have sinned and fall short of God.” We are all equal, equal in the sight of God, equal in our fallen nature. Keep listening to the songs for Mr Marley wrote from the heart and his heart was ever-seeking God.
Mr Marley said, “if you listen carefully you will hear,” or as Jesus himself said “whosoever hears these sayings of mine and acts on them, I will liken him to a wise man, which built his house upon a rock.” Listen then with your heart and the truth will continually speak to you, call to you. Be not deceived, “A man hears what he wants to hear and disregards the rest” (Paul Simon) If you desire in your heart to know God, to know the truth, then He will give you ears with which to hear, He will speak to your heart, and you will “let love come flooding in.”
If you want to debate it all your life then you are free to do so. Likewise, if you want to live for love and be the blessed servant of God (as did Mr Marley) then make that your hearts desire instead. Tell Him.
In the line following, “We know when we understand, a mighty God is a living man,” it’s possible that Mr Marley was simply re-phrasing, paraphrasing Jesus’ own words when He said, “You know not what manner of Spirit you are from.” Mr Marley is telling us that he too is merely a man, a man who did his best to walk with the Lord, perhaps. But we need to understand this clearly. We need to understand it in our hearts, in the Spirit of love. Else we fail to see that by truly living for Jesus, by being completely immersed in his Spirit, we will not realise that we are of THAT Spirit. Once you understand it, you see. Once you understand it, once you walk it like you talk it, then you can realise that in a living man, mighty God can be all you ever desire.
When you live wholly, completely for love, you have then given your life to it. And when you give your life to Jesus you give your life back to God, to love where it belongs. When people are wholly living in Jesus, then all that people around them can really see is Jesus shining through – they just don’t know that that’s what they see. Perhaps they think they can see a good man, a holy man, but a man wise in humility knows that that’s not the case, that that’s not the truth. Once you have accepted the fullness of the Spirit of love, then you will see that “a mighty God is a living man.” We don’t/wont become individual gods. We don’t become great in ourselves. But the light and glory of God in us.
I hope and pray that this may be helpful.

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