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Who are they? Rasputina - or the Travelling Ladies Cello
Society; headed by Melora Creager, Julie Kent, and
Agnieszka Rybska, have been entertaining crowds since 1992,
when Melora placed an ad requesting cellists for a rock
band. Julia Kent, originally a Canadian, responded, and
Rasputina was born. So why do they call themselves
Rasputina? According to Melora, "We had a song called
Rasputina; I was just into Rasputin at the time, and it
seemed to have all the perfect connotations for who we
wanted to be, or what we were trying to More...

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Reviews about Rasputina songs

Dig Ophelia & Hamlet | Reviewer: Miss Adelaide Rabanis
    ------ About the song Dig Ophelia performed by Rasputina

This song is glorius in that it perfectly describes how Ophelia (Hamlet's girlfriend and the daughter of the man he killed) goes mad, gives flowers to everyone, then drowns herself- whether on accident or on purpose, however, it up for debate

Awesome | Reviewer: kat
    ------ About the song The New Zero performed by Rasputina

I love how people with no musical skill or talent can speak ill of a band that works so hard to make music that is out of the box. Go listen to your pop candy hip hop crap and leave the real music to the adults. This song is so perfect. I love it. The measure of it is amazing. By the by i am a prof. and have alot of respect for this outsider music.

Utter perfection | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song Rusty The Skatemaker performed by Rasputina

A lack of words overcome me when I attempt to say anything at all toward this song. There is a strange numbess which I can drown in when I hear this song. Though the numbness is lonely, it's almost warming and cradling. For me, that is. Yes, my eyes swell when I hear this song, not out of sadness, no, but some melody in the notes just carry that effect.
The cellos are in themselves a beauty.

I love this :) | Reviewer: Tammi F.
    ------ About the song Rose K. performed by Rasputina

This is probably my third favorite song by Rasputina. Of course, I only have Radical Recital and Oh Perilous World, so I can't talk. But I love the way it flows and the truthfullness. Its so sweet and sincere.

hate to feel | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song A Quitter performed by Rasputina

i think this song is about isolation. the one person that brought her joy, her son, the one person she was connected to, died in front of her. when she talks about things like the friends she never had, it seems like shes lonely and is seeing how empty her life is without her boy. i dont have children. but i feel for this song. the lonely feelings really hit me hard

Hmm | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song The New Zero performed by Rasputina

I love this song. It was obviously written about a woman who is taken to the Ice Hotel in Quebec, Canada(only one that exsist in the world) by a Fuzzy who is her boyfriend, and she also brings her dildo whose batteries leak inside her while she's using it and produce her a son with fins, then it flashes back to the amazing sex her and the fuzzy had....... Or they were on acid.

A suicide note? | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song A Quitter performed by Rasputina

Obviously. I can totally feel for this song though. Nowadays, everyone's in cliques, judge you by your appearance and care how good their reputation is instead of enjoying themselves. So things like "The friends I never had" and etc. Just makes me feel for the song so badly.

Authorship...? | Reviewer: Lindy
    ------ About the song If Your Kisses Can't Hold the Man You Love performed by Rasputina

Jack Yellen wrote the song and Vivian Ellis composed it. however, i think that rasputina didnt use the original melody, because it was wirtten in 1930.

Authorship...? | Reviewer: Karen the LairMistress
    ------ About the song If Your Kisses Can't Hold the Man You Love performed by Rasputina

I love this song; but I've heard that the band (Melora, that is) didn't actually write it. Can anyone tell me the author/composer(s) of this song? I've just gotten maddeningly curious about this. Thanks in advance...

OMG | Reviewer: Caitie
    ------ About the song Transylvanian Concubine performed by Rasputina

I heard this song off of the Buffy the Vampire Slayer Soundtrack and loved it! It has such a mysterious sound I had to know what the lyrics were!!!!
I love it!!

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