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Ras, a member of the Soleside Crew, is one of the dopest
MC's to grace a microphone in a long time. His ability to
freestyle combined with his offbeat flow make him almost
untouchable on any stage anywhere (East Coast, West Coast,
the South, Chicago, Atlanta, Miami, New York, Tokyo, Kyoto,
Frankfurt, Paris, etc....). Freeflowing MC's come and go,
but the thing that sets them apart as great, lyrical
content. Without it one could be another Kwame or a
Paperboy (not to say they weren't the flavor of their day,
but it's all about the More...

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Review about Ras Kass songs
It just hurt a lot | Reviewer: African
    ------ About the song Nature of the Threat performed by Ras Kass

I'm a BLACK South African child who's regarded to be a born free,since I was born in 1994 right after the apartheid error.Well..that's a very thick BULLSHIT!! I've experienced racism and have been living and feeling like a foreigner in ma own country.So you white fuckers should preaching the"Let the past be the past shit"while the fucken past is still affecting us BLACKS at presents!!

. | Reviewer: Vinny
    ------ About the song Nature of the Threat performed by Ras Kass

If white people are so recessive, then why does Western Europe dominate society ? why is white people's technology so advanced? Why are the majority of the worlds power lifters white?

Nothing but the truth | Reviewer: Phepa
    ------ About the song Nature of the Threat performed by Ras Kass

As a child of Africa I believe that there's more where that came from,people always say forget about the past but what is the future without the past so RAS is on point, as they always say the truth shall set you free. So let the truth be told so that the now generation can be free, let us remove the invisible chains around our necks and keep our heads up and remember no man is better than the next we are all better we are all humans,stop judging the African cultures coz Africa is not judging anyone.

So.. the author of The Nicean Creed Originated the Doctrine of the Trinity? | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song Nature of the Threat performed by Ras Kass

It is interesting what kass has to say. Some stuf is on point according to some Scholors and some is questionable. I wonder where he got his information from because he does not cite his stuf. It is interesting that Kass accerts: "all whites must be perceived as potential predators" I guess it is the same for blacks too because I got jacked a few times by blacks. Know the truth and the truth shall set you free. makes sence to me. I guess I got some historical research to do after reading these lyrics.

truth hurts | Reviewer: Thabo Mthombeni
    ------ About the song Nature of the Threat performed by Ras Kass

If u find this song racist that means u can't bare the truth. Black people have been victims of slavery and racism for so many centuries, wich makes it impossible for us black people to forget what our ancestors went through. I don't think you'd find any black racist in the world any race can live and feel free in da black neighbourhood without any harm, but a black man can get a beating of his life for invading da white neighbourhood.In order to stop racism ban da KKK group. Sometimes i wonder y do white people have to hate blacks y can't they hate any other race either than blacks?

king | Reviewer: Dee king Ahmed
    ------ About the song Nature of the Threat performed by Ras Kass

Well for every nonsense there's sense rask kass said old faith is threaten when. When a real lesson is taught from abcd point of view it only an idiot that wouldn't understand how the white man have crumble our black heritage down play historic fact real education wasn't reveal to a black so we can keep depending on white I know ras kass speaks d truth en d truth shall set u free d white can fool the black man sometime but certainly not all time nice work for this is true en nothing more. Those whom have eyes let them see en to those hear let them hear.

A bit racist | Reviewer: Blax
    ------ About the song Nature of the Threat performed by Ras Kass

Some facts here are correct but the whole song sounds a bit racist.

Also, Africans/Blacks must develpp the ability to move on, we must not keep complaining about history but doing nothin in the present. We need to reposition the world and make it better for our children.

Successful Black Americans should develop links with Africa, we only see whitemen here.

Please use logic brothers and sisters | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song Nature of the Threat performed by Ras Kass

The sad thing is that he genuinely believes in this nonsense. People who actually entertain the notion of believing this have to use common sense. I am Lebanese and Catholic and the way the tradition was passed down for 2000 years really puts this song to shame because peter the apostle, who was the first pope, was actually a dark skinned man. So the notion of christianity being started by racist whites is ridiculous. Plus rass says that constantine commissioned michelangelo to do catholic works, but michelangelo was born close to 1000 years after the emperor. Please also research the facts on how this this song is wrong biologically and historically. Knowledge is wisdom.

    ------ About the song Nature of the Threat performed by Ras Kass

It is very uplifting to hear this information in this particular format. Reviewers who claim it is false are obviously not very well read, but "educated" by main stream pedagogy. Proper research will show that the original "Arabs" were Nubians. These light-melanated "Arabs" are late comers. Slavery was abolished only when it was no longer profitable to the British Empire. To the reviewer, "teacher" I suggest you read "Capitalism and Slavery" by Eric E. Williams as a starter, this gem details the slave trade in the Empire. The white man's profit was priority, they abolished slavery yet paid the emancipated workers unreasonable wages, and they no longer fed, clothed or provided shelter. They Blacks were psychologically oppressed, so they would be continually loyal to these savages. Bottom line, they got the same productivity, gave crap wages, 12-hour days, obedience, saved a ton of money on slave maintenance and looked great to fools like "teacher". Keep reading Brothers and Sisters. They school system is created by the whites to keep us oppressed, by with effort, you can find the truth.

judgement | Reviewer: alphanigga
    ------ About the song Nature of the Threat performed by Ras Kass

Some stuff might be true some might be a lie I advise people to research more read more be open minded to start seeing people by the charcter I wish someone could change our world once and for all its all about profit vs humanity and we will lose

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