Randy Albums

  • Randy The Band Album (1/10/2006)
    Punk Rock High
    Better Than Art
    Bahnhof Zoo
    Nothing On Me
    I Raise My Fist
    Red Banner Rockers
    The Pretender
    Going Out With The Dead
    Teenage Tiger
    Rich Boy
    Losing My Mind
    The World Is Getting Bored

  • Welfare Problems Album (5/17/2003)
    Dirty Tricks
    A Man In Uniform
    Bad, Bad, Bad
    We're All Fucked Up More Or Less
    Cheap Thrills
    X-Ray Eyes
    Welfare Problems
    Ruff Stuff
    My Heart, My Enemy
    Dirty And Cheap

  • Cheater Album (4/16/2001)
    I Don't Wanna Work
    Stepping Out
    Addicts Of Communication
    I Won't Play That Song

  • The Human Atom Bombs Album (4/16/2000)
    Addicts Of Communication
    Punk Rock City
    Keeping Us Out Of Money
    Karl Marx And History
    Summer Of Bros
    I Don't Need Love
    If We Unite
    Proletarian Hop
    Shape Up
    Rockin' Pneumonia And The Punk Rock Flu
    Freedom Song
    Who's Side Are You On?
    Chicken Shack
    Win Or Lose
    The Human Atom Bomb
    I Believe In The Company
    The Heebie Jeebies (Dial 911)

  • You Can't Keep A Good Band Down Album (4/16/1998)
  • The Rest Is Silence Album (4/16/1996)
  • Ska Album (4/16/1994)
  • There's No Way We're Gonna Fit In Album (4/16/1994)
  • No Carrots For The Rehabilitated Album (4/16/1993)

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