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Born on May 4, 1959, Randy Bruce Traywick was the second of
six children. His father Harold, raised turkeys, bred
horses, and ran a construction business, and his mother
Bobbie, worked in a textile plant. Randy's father always
wanted him to become a country singer, filling the house
with the sounds of Hank Williams and Stonewall Jackson
albums. Harold bought his four sons western outfits and
guitars, and promoted them locally as the Traywick
Brothers. By the time Randy was ten years old, he and his
brother, Ricky, had their own duo, More...

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Review about Randy Travis songs
My Mother was an Angel | Reviewer: Pat McDonald
    ------ About the song Angels performed by Randy Travis

I heard this going home one night on my car radio. It was beautiful and I was moved to tears thinking about my Mother who died in 1971. She was truly an Angel and sacrificed a lot for me and my sisters. I plan to play this at my church on Mother's Day this year.

this song is amazing | Reviewer: angel murphy
    ------ About the song Angels performed by Randy Travis

This song is beautiful! It made me cry when I first heard it an it also made me realize things. We played it at my grandmothers funeral an I also did it for my mom today on her birthday. This song as came to mean a lot to my family

Correction to previous review. | Reviewer: Rev. Steve Russell
    ------ About the song Baptism performed by Randy Travis

Baptism is originally a Randy Travis solo. And he didn't sing about sinking his toes into the "cool east Tennessee mud", he sang about sinking his toes in the "cool eat Texas mud". A small point, yes, but the duet with Kenny Chesney didn't come along until two years later.

END OF RELATIONSHIP | Reviewer: sherryl-annette
    ------ About the song An Old Pair Of Shoes performed by Randy Travis

I Love Randy Travis music. This song took me back to 18 known affairs. At last feeling I had already lost the best thing I had which comes to feeling like an old pair of shoes, I took back the best thing I ever had. Me.
This song is for those who put up with to much for to long.
Even years later this song touches the sorrow of losing the man I loved.

A Mother's Love | Reviewer: Angel
    ------ About the song Angels performed by Randy Travis

The greatest memories I have of my mom was when I was young. I never realized we did not have much but she always did what she could for us. She was alive when I first heard "Angels" but now it is a wonderful tribute to her and the other angels in our world. If you still can, just look in your mother's eyes.

Heartbreaking | Reviewer: Lavender
    ------ About the song Horse Called Music performed by Randy Travis

This song is special to me. I live in Western Montana. I have two saddle mules whom I love. I've seen that "cinnamon sky", and I've ridden alone in the mountains, with my riderless saddle mule trailing us. Need I say more?

Anniversary Celebration | Reviewer: TUTU
    ------ About the song Forever And Ever Amen performed by Randy Travis

I have heard this song many, many times but when we approached our 50th Wedding Anniversary it took on special meaning. I printed a copy and included it in my card to my husband. It is nice to still be able to hear songs that express long standing emotions. Thank you Randy.

Forever Together - An Excellent Country Piece | Reviewer: Sampson Adon Akor - Lagos, Nigeria
    ------ About the song Forever Together performed by Randy Travis

Randy Travis has always appealed to me as an outstanding country artiste. The lyrical fluidity,sonorous voice,musical arrangement and sincerity of Forever Together are a reflection of the class and creativity of this gentleman.Not only is the music nostalgic;it is reminiscent of the confession of a repentant playboy who suddenly realizes his naughtiness and the undeserving love of a faithful heartthrob.

Sincerely, it is one track I'd like played for me on my death bed.And I'm forever grateful to Randy for giving us such a beautiful country piece. Welldone, man!!!

No Place like Home | Reviewer: Stan Hill
    ------ About the song No Place Like Home performed by Randy Travis

I remember a segment that fit with this song like this: "Well I had a little wife she was the pleasure of my life there's no place like home, When you come home tired from a hard days work, and six or seven kids greets you with thier faces full of dirt,they wipe half of thier supper on the tail of your shirt, there's no place like home? Do you know who the artist was that sing this version?? Jimmy Dickens,Johnny Russell or who? Stan the Iowa Cowboy.

greatest fear | Reviewer: Kim
    ------ About the song My Greatest Fear performed by Randy Travis

this is the one song that touches me the most, i listen to it everyday. the words were written so great, and when i first listened to it it couldnt get it out of my head. this song has kept me and my partner thinking of each other, Thanks Randy :D

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