Randy Newman Albums

  • Harps And Angels Album (8/5/2008)
    Harps And Angels
    Losing You
    Laugh And Be Happy
    A Few Words In Defense Of Our Country
    A Piece Of The Pie
    Easy Street
    Korean Parents
    Only A Girl
    Feels Like Home

  • James And The Giant Peach Album (3/30/2004)
    My Name Is James
    That's The Life
    Eating The Peach
    Good News

  • Bad Love Album (6/1/1999)
    My Country
    I'm Dead
    Every Time It Rains
    Great Nations of Europe
    The One You Love
    The World Isn't Fair
    Big Hat, No Cattle
    Better off Dead
    I Miss You
    Going Home
    I Want Everyone to Like Me

  • Faust Album (9/19/1995)
    Glory Train
    Can't Keep A Good Man Down
    How Great Our Lord
    Best Little Girl
    Northern Boy
    Bless The Children Of The World
    Relax, Enjoy Yourself
    Life Has Been Good To Me
    Little Island
    The Man
    My Hero
    I Gotta Be Your Man
    Feels Like Home
    Bleeding All Over The Place
    Sandman's Coming
    Happy Ending
    Pass On Over (Demo)
    Each Perfect Day (Demo)
    It Was Beautiful (Demo)
    Damn Fine Day (Demo)
    March Of The Protestants (Demo)
    Love Time (Demo)
    When Love Is In The Air (Demo)
    Gainesville, Florida (Demo)
    Hard Currency (Demo)
    Basin Street Blues (Demo)

  • Land Of Dreams Album (9/1/1988)
  • Trouble In Paradise Album (4/1/1983)
  • Born Again Album (4/1/1979)
  • Little Criminals Album (4/1/1977)
  • Good Old Boys Album (4/1/1974)
  • Sail Away Album (4/1/1972)
  • 12 Songs Album (4/1/1970)
  • Randy Newman Album (4/1/1968)

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