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FORMED: 1991, Berkeley, CA

Rancid's history starts in the end of 1991. Tim and Matt
had played in Operation Ivy who ended up in -89 and Tim was
in serious drugs and alcohol problems. Matt saw that Tim
must have something to do to get off that problems and they
formed the band "Downfall" but it was over almost at the
same time.Tim "started all over" and had nothing to do, and
at that time he and Matt formed the band RANCID.

It was very impotant for Tim to have a band, to get off all
the problems and have something to do. They also More...

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Review about Rancid songs
Ruby lives in soho which witch was in in the 90's had lots of clubs underground | Reviewer: Dan banker
    ------ About the song Ruby Soho performed by Rancid

To me i always figured it was written/ about one of the band members. Likely as how it starts off Tim's writing a love ballad. Even those there's a party goin on he's just chill maybe a little bumped out him self about the sad reality of having no choice but to leave probably lots of amazing girls that you simply can't uproot and shove in your shitty tour van. Plus their was no face book and long distance was like .30 a min back then.The destination unknown part is the fact the bands trying to make it, the lover can't even tell his baby were he'll be next week much less when he'll be back to see her. It's hurting both of them, she's a female stuck just trying to survive and make it in soho/ NYC. This isn't the first time they've had to say goodbye. But that amazing feeling of being with the person who has all of your heart, is gone. Idk if that means cause they both know something's wrong as in this time it's over for them, or if it just another agonizing separation till they see each other again. She loves him that she will never understand how he could stand to go off and just leave her. Anyway you look at it though I personally think the girls name is ruby and at the time she lived in soho. Just my take on things
Rancid's will always pick you up! Peace

Suicide? | Reviewer: Baldo
    ------ About the song Ruby Soho performed by Rancid

To me it looks like the ending of "Red moon" or "Ggf", therefore i believe that in the end ruby saying goodbye is saying goodbye to life.
Death is the great unknown.
Rancid, always sing in happy tune sad and terrible things. That'swhat makes Tim so special!!

What's a band WANT? | Reviewer: LARS
    ------ About the song Roots Radicals performed by Rancid

Ask yourself- What's a band want? To be forgotten? Clearly, no. The goal is to make good music and to make a few bucks. To create a band (a brand) that has the ability to communicate a song, an idea, and maybe a style. And when we grow up, we want to throw a little money toward living more comfortably. OBVIOUSLY. So, if success means anything, it means you'll hear more of some band's brand. Lucky you. OR if you're a pretentious fuckwad, you'll pretend a successful band automatically has bad music. I feel sorry for you. (Work hard at your joe job, and have a nice day.)

what i think this song is about | Reviewer: max the bat
    ------ About the song Ruby Soho performed by Rancid

My assesment is that ruby is the punk in the room next door and the couple neighbours next door were having a party and fucking and they were shouting so ruby couldn't take it anymore and had to leave so quikly that he had no time to think about his destination, thereby destination unknown. The rest of the song is about ruby and the girl in the couple next door which he may be yearning to fuck and the part about saying good bye is about ruby and the girl next door going to fuck or away with her boyfriend ... ya dig?!

PUNKKk ROcKKkK | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song Roots Radicals performed by Rancid

Since when is Rancid not punk? I grew up on this shit. I may be only 16 but I know my stuff. You guys can shut up. Go listen to All Time Low or A Day to Remember or what ever dumb BS you consider to be "punk rock."

Mistakes in the Lyrics | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song Get Out Of My Way performed by Rancid

"I’m trying to dance here, I move in the double so".
"I don't see any fun in filling up your office space."
"I paid as much as you" not "played".
"But you'll do anything, anything if you can stand in my light
You got a uniform, all you need is a badge"
"Why did you come at all, you fucking cock!"

i dont care at all | Reviewer: arty
    ------ About the song Roots Radicals performed by Rancid

damn it..every band is special in its own way..u guys should stop talking shit about it..it doesn't matters whether Green Day is sell-out or anything because look at them..its cuz of their music they have reached there.
And Rancid is special in its own way..i like their new stuff as well as old stuff..it somewhat of a CULT u know???
get a life u DORKS

good | Reviewer: lezzo v
    ------ About the song Ruby Soho performed by Rancid

this is realy good.everyone should listen to this.it make more interesting cause the song is saying SOHO.soho is the surname of naga(tribes in india) people too. So i can dedicate to my girl surname soho.

Yep | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song Poison performed by Rancid

Just confirming what anon has said, it sounds like "Accusations have been made from the s'ritten by hand" on my CD as well, though I've not checked elsewhere to see if it's different.

Also, I love this song! Nice to see the lyrics are up to scratch, even if I could never understand them apart from the chorus.

Green Day WAS punk. They ARE sellouts | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song Roots Radicals performed by Rancid

Green day had some really good music... Then they sold out with 21st century Breakdown. Now theyre pop-punk. But that pop before punk makes them pop. Idk if they should even be labeled as punk at all.
Anyway this is a Rancid song, I thought I'd just contribute to the conversation. Rancid is insanely awesome. So is Operation Ivy ( which evolved into Rancid after 2 yrs) but alot of Operation Ivy did come over into Rancid.

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