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FORMED: 1991, Berkeley, CA

Rancid's history starts in the end of 1991. Tim and Matt had played in Operation Ivy who ended up in -89 and Tim was in serious drugs and alcohol problems. Matt saw that Tim must have something to do to get off that problems and they formed the band "Downfall" but it was over almost at the same time.Tim "started all over" and had nothing to do, and at that time he and Matt formed the band RANCID.

It was very impotant for Tim to have a band, to get off all the problems and have something to do. They also after a while got Brett Reed on drums and now they were three in the band. Brett had played in the local band "Smog". Exept Operation Ivy, Downfall and Rancid, Tims have played in other bands like: Shaken '69, Silencers and Dance Hall Crashers etc. More about that on " Bandmembers ". Rancid was at the start like all the other new bands, no famous at all. Their debut was in a house in Oakland, a frined to Tim's house. Matt had another band too, Gr'ups, but leaved them and began seriously with Rancid. 1992 they debuted on the label "Lookout Records" with the single "I'm not the only one". It was the most of Rancid's song, a quite slow beginning, and then more "speed" and more heavier in the end of it.

After this, Rancid needed a second guitarist and asked Billie Joe Armstorng in Green Day but he wanted to continue with Green Day. At the same time as this, Rancid recorded their first album, and under this time they visited their "hometown" Berkley when Breet "ran into" Lars Frederiksen. He was in the band "Slip" who once had been on a show with Rancid, he was now in "UK Subs" but wanted to change band, because he was sick of that band. After a while in Rancid he said in an interwiev: "Punk rock to me is not about making a better life for yourself, not sitting around and moping about shit. Personally, I can't do that. I do what comes naturally to me, making music; keeping my convictions
inside and going on with what I'm doing. Rancid isn't one of those bands that wants to change the world."

Rancid's first album was finished in April -93. Lars wasn't on that album because he wasn't in the band from the beginning and didn't want to take the honour from the others. On the back of the album is a picture on Rancid pointing on the sing with the text: St Gilman St. where they lived under the time when they recorded the album. The most famous song on that album was "The Bottle", "Unwritten Rules", "Get outa my way" and "Another Night". After the album there was a lot of tours in Europa etc.

In the new year, they released the "Radio Radio Radio" single, on Fat Wreck Chords. This was Frederiksen's debut on record; the title song, "Radio" was co-written by Green Day's Armstrong. "Radio" was the perfect cross between Green Day and Rancid; the song was played at normal Rancid hyperspeed, but the chorus was pure Green Day pop harmony. "Dope Sick Girl" was also a lightening-speed track, featuring split vocals and one ofthe fastest guitar leads ever played. "Just a Felling" reached with. Lars providing a guitar lead that rivaled "Dope Sick Girl" and a chorus drenched in melody. The middle section slows slightly, and Tim Armstrong's vocals drop to a chant. "Someone's Gunna Die" was Freeman's turn to excel, the song a hardcore gem with a chanted chorus of "oi, oi, oi."

In February 1994, the band began recording "Let's Go." The album was overflowing with tight melodies, choruses that rang with hooks and anthemic lyrics. The radio single chosen was "Salvation," a pure crowd sing-along, but it was the loosest of the songs, and for that reason alone, not representative of the rest of the album. "Salvation"'s lyrics were semi-autobiographical, telling of Armstrong's experiences at the Salvation Army, where he exchanged a bed for driving around the burbs, picking up the well-to-do's cast-offs.

As almost always, there's a lot of ska and reagge in Rancid's songs and syncopated bass lines that sneak in, like the slow passage in "Burn". It was as if Rancid had rolled the whole of the larger punk genre into "Let's Go." An in a way they had. But it's really the intangible things that make "Let's Go" a punk classic. This includes the lyrics that ring with truth, sincerity, and reality. Equally important, though, was the sustained level of energy, a hyperkenetism that infuses the record, spraying out over the listener like a jolt of double espresso. That spring, with the album completed, Rancid put together a side project, Shaken '69. Joining forces with ex-Op Ivy drummer Dave Mello, the Uptones' Paul Jackson and Eric "Dinwitty" Dinn, and featuring Skankin' Pickles' Lars Nylander and Mike Park on horns, Shaken '69 is a pure ska band.

The group recorded a couple of songs which hopefully will be turning up in the near future on compilation. Shaken '69 would like to do more, but as all the members are in working bands, it's difficult to schedule time. In June, Rancid embarked on a month-long tour that covered the south and midwest. After a brief break, they spent August with Sick of It All playing the west coast.

But the highlight of the summer shows was the Epitaph Summer Nations shows. A label celebration and party, the celebration stretched across 3 days at L.A.'s Palladium, a gala event to rejoice in the rise of punk and Epitaph. The highpoint for many fans was when Pennywise invited Armstrong and Frederiksen onstage for a rendition of Minor Threat's "Straight Edge." 1994 also saw the release of the Epitaph compilation, "Punk-o-Rama", which features two Rancid tracks, "Hyena" and "I Wanna Riot." Rancid was also featured on the Kill Rock Stars compilaiton, "Rock Stars Kill." Their track, "Brixton," is cloaked in an early reggae sound, down to the '60s sounding keyboard lines.

The album was subtitled "23 More Bands that Don't Want to Be Rock Stars," which might have been true in some cases, but at least one band wasn't so sure. By now, Rancid was a hot commodity, "Let's Go" went swiftly gold, and is currently working toward platinum, thus label reps were turning up at numerous shows. And when the dust settled, Rancid went back to work. January 1995 saw the release of their new single "Roots Radicals" b/w "I Wanna Riot." The single was extremely catchy, with snatches of punk guitar leads vying with the ska-infested bass and drum line. The chorus is anthemic; heard once, you'll be chanting it forever. The song has since reappeared on their new album.

In February, Rancid returned to the road for a short tour encompassing L.A., Chicago, New York, Boston, and other big cities. Then it was back to the studio in March, where they spent the next six weeks recording the new album. After "Let's Go" it was hard to imagine what Rancid's next step would be. Many bands would have been satisfied recording an extension of their last album. But Rancid have an ability to scour out new musical crests and mount them with seeming ease. And it was with "...And Out Come the Wolves."

Even the brief intro to the opening track, "Maxwell Murder" was unexpected: a dark, eerie sample from the movie, "Gringo." And although the rest of the song was standard Rancid punk, the album quickly shifts gear with "The 11th Hour". This song was slower than almost anything they'd done before. The new single, "Time Bomb," was full-on ska. Two more ska tracks, "Daly City Train" and the hook-laden "Old Friend" also appear.Rancid's propensity for trade-off vocals has increased, to great effect. With each member having a distinct voice and style, the trade-offs give each song and the lines within added power and individuality. As always the lyrics were ripped from the band's personal experiences.

There's the good times to be found in "Olympia, WA," Op Ivy's demise in "Journey...," the chilling look at addiction in "Junkyman," the misery of homelessness in "As Wicked," and the ubiquitous songs about girls, including "She's Automatic," "Old Friend" and "You Don't Care Nothin' "

"...And out come the wolves" was nothing short of sublime, and will inevitably bring Rancid even greater success. After its completion, the band took a well-deserved break. A September tour of Europe is scheduled followed by another national tour. At the time of writing in early August. RANCID's last album ( Life Won`t Wait ) is REALLY to recommand, but just a little bit much ska and reggae i think.

RANCID are of course my favourite punkrock band.

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The Best of Punk Rock Band in the world forever | Reviewer: TEDY BOY BONSAI | 10/2/12

this band realy make me happy everyday for my spirit when I made a Bonsai art. it's realy good for focus for me when I hate to imagine a beautuiful tree character. it makes me very .... powerful to do a good thing in my bonsai jobs. Love you man !!! Thanks for your great songs!!!

Rancid still rules! Screw the stupid haters! | Reviewer: Brian | 7/24/10

Let the dominos fall...proves Rancid still as good as they were in 95. I am a big fan of ska music so I prefer the ska songs of Rancid "Time Bomb" "Up To No Good" but I like punk songs too. Rancid is a punk band that plays ska songs sometimes and they have always done it that way. They never change or sell out like Green Day and Blink 182 and No Doubt etc who change there syles just to get mainstream.

Rancid salah satu band favorit gue | Reviewer: Achmads | 10/20/08

Pertama kali dipinjemin kaset sama temen, album "out of Comes the wolf" tapi ngga teralalu digubris, tapi lama-lama enak-enak lagunya, terutama permainan bass -nya. sampai gw nyari album2 rancid yg laen..cuma gw belum dapet album yang 1999

omg | Reviewer: Asbestos | 4/13/08

i listened to a bit of punk...mainly old stuff like Sex Pistols etc but i bought a PS one (yes that's right) off ebay last year, and it came with a game which had maxwell murder in the soundtrack. i was converted. they are one of the GREATEST bands in the world.

Rancid | Reviewer: Brian Burke | 8/10/07

I love Rancid They are awsome. The best album is And out come the wolves. matt freeman is the greatest bass player ever after les claypool and victor wooten

Rancid | Reviewer: James Tanner | 6/13/07

I was fortunate enough to witness the first Rancid show at Genoa house. They opened for another great band Citizen Fish. With the exception of Indestructable I never really got into their music. Doesnt take away from the fact they are truly devoted to the scene, their fans, and their music. True punks at a time when punk was all but dead.

Literacy | Reviewer: Anonymous | 5/19/07

Such a great bad, such a poorly writen biography! Where did you learn english? Have you ever heard of proof reading? Very disappointing, you might want to rewrite this page, it would be far more enjoyable.


Rancid means Friends Pain Love | Reviewer: Dee | 2/10/07

Rancid’s music has the ability to make you feel amazing things because they sing and write music that anyone can relate to but for me they are especially good at giving you a connection with other people when it comes to the pain and happiness that is part of everyday life.

Love them or hate them...LOVE THEM!! | Reviewer: Mike | 2/2/07

I been a rancid fan since 2000, and i knew about them when i first listened to And Out comes the Wolves... Song "Ruby SoHo", let me tell you this band is one of the best street punk bands that you could ever listen to, they are not as commercial and they do not follow the public request, the story of how this was created is Amazing and interesting as well.

If you don't like rancid then don't read this review and do not even reply.

how punk should sound! | Reviewer: Anonymous | 3/28/06

fair enough if you don't like punk you shouldn't even bother reading this but Rancid is the real deal, nobody lives an plays punk like tim, lars matt and brett, if you're one of these pop punk kids who feels the extent of punk rock is blink 182 and greenday etc not only do you need your arse kicked you need to hear rancid!!!but rancid don't need to win over fans they have a loyal fanbase who will stick with them till the end me being one of them so if you wanna hear real raw punk rock crank up any rancid album (but especially 'let's go'-23 hardcore songs in 44mins!)and you'll understand what punk is really about!

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