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There is no other band that sounds remotely like Rammstein.
The East German sextet's unique blend of metal, industrial,
techno and classical musical elements has made it one of
Europe's most successful rock bands ever since the 1995
release of its debut album HERZELEID (which went platinum
in several Euro territories). Its successor SEHNSUCHT
(released abroad in 1997, and as the band's U.S. debut in
January 1998) was not only the logical continuation of the
musical concept, but also even more More...

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Review about Rammstein songs
intended indistinction | Reviewer: Norman
    ------ About the song Du Hast (English Lyrics) performed by Rammstein

A radio trivia contest recently would have accepted you have or you hate as the translation of du hast or hasst and gave the explanation the lyrics were meant to play on the similar words with diverse meanings and stir such debate as here. You should really fix it from you "got" me. That is just wrong.

Fear | Reviewer: Corey
    ------ About the song Ich Will performed by Rammstein

This song is great and puts the bad boy side that is in all if us right in our faces. Artists face these things and let us purge our "demons". Truth can be frightening and art is never safe- nor is life!... Hey natasha!! You can learn german by getting a book just like i did. It is fun and cool to learn on your own. To understand the thoughts of Rammstein is wonderful when you can take it in as intended.

Hasst oder Hast | Reviewer: diesexyEnte
    ------ About the song Du Hast (English Lyrics) performed by Rammstein

To be honest I would say it's hast, "du hasst mich gefragt" - "you hate me asked" makes no sense so it must be hast, and I'm guessing that they use the same in the previous lines.

This is not a love song | Reviewer: Graeme
    ------ About the song Ohne Dich performed by Rammstein

The first time I ever heard this, I only understood some of the German, but it was enough to make me want learn more German and inspire me that it was one of the the most powerful love songs ever written. Except Lindemann has openly stated that the song is about heroin addiction, it's not a love song.

Du Hast | Reviewer: Ronin
    ------ About the song Du Hast (English Lyrics) performed by Rammstein

Guys(and girls),my name is Ronin,I am 14 turning 15 in a year,I've been listening to Rammsteins music for close to 2 years now,whether is "hast" or "hasst",who gives a hoot(other than the people who don't like their music but that's not for me to decide)

This song still makes sense no matter what language you put translate it to,so I agree with the reviewer named "Robert",come on people,if you don't like the way its translated of wat nog al so be it,nobody can say what you should like.

The point being,if you don't like the music,don't listen to it,so maklik soos dit.


Real meaning behind Keine Lust | Reviewer: lolerman
    ------ About the song Keine Lust performed by Rammstein

You guys should totaly check out Making of Keine Lust. To save you some time I got the most relevant quotes from the video:

"Actualy we just thought: all your senses get saturated after all the years. You've made good, you have money, you have too much and nothing interests you anymore, nothing. And that is the idea: in the end, you just return to the place where you once began. That's why we got together once again, to perform again, to make music together. It's what it's all about. This fat stuff is simply a symbol of all the abundance. In reality you just want to repeat the beginnings."

"Normaly bands try to look nice - athletic and attractive, and we do the complete opposite: We're old, we're ugly and we're fat."

Also for the part where Flake joins the rest of the band:
"Flake is the punk in the band, he's always anti-something. If Flake has no interest in something he has no interest. He's interested in nothing. That's why he appears much latter on in the video, as he wasn't interested in joining in at the start. He's not interested in walking or eating, which is why he's slim, everyone else is fat. Nothing interests him."

duhass | Reviewer: mikem
    ------ About the song Du Hast (English Lyrics) performed by Rammstein

excellent song reminding me of nineties hard stuff,it translates to squanderind randifulious persapicacious reeling, or semofluous jamberwoggy. pretty much sums it up.by the way,i don't like canned ravioli

@Rammstien I will die for | Reviewer: Correctio
    ------ About the song Spieluhr performed by Rammstein

Just one thing, you say you love "Rammstien" so much, but you cant even spell their name right? It's RammstEIn, not RammstIEn you foolish pirck. I know you will probably never read this comment, but if there is the slightest possibility that you might read this, its worth the 2mins I spent to write this comment.

glub | Reviewer: pet
    ------ About the song Mein Teil performed by Rammstein

Mein Teil doesn't have to mean penis, it could also be any other part of his body. Und an alle, die diese Sprache verstehen: Hört bitte auf, den nicht-deutschsprachigen Fans Rammstein zu versauen. Es kommt nicht nur auf die Lyrics an. Danke.
This song is probably my favourite Rammstein song. They sound kickass as always!

Lyric Debate | Reviewer: Madison
    ------ About the song Du Hast (English Lyrics) performed by Rammstein

I speak German, and these lyrics ARE translated wrong, but it isn't a huge deal. Basically, "du hast" means "you have," and "du hasst" means "you hate." It's so hard to differentiate between the two because that sound doesn't translate to English. But, since in the English version of the song they sang you hate (du hasst) I just go by that. Just because the lyrics are a bit wrong doesn't mean it's the end of the world guys. Calm down.

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