Rammstein Albums

  • Liebe Ist Für Alle Da Album (10/20/2009)
    Ich Tu Dir Weh
    Waidmanns Heil
    Frühling In Paris
    Wiener Blut
    Liebe Ist Für Alle Da
    Roter Sand
    Bonus Tracks
    Führe Mich
    Roter Sand (Orchester Version)

  • Rosenrot Album (11/1/2005)
    Mann Gegen Mann
    Wo Bist Du
    Stirb Nicht Vor Mir
    Don't Die Before I Do
    Hilf Mir
    Te Quiero Puta
    Feuer Und Wasser
    Ein Lied

  • Reise, Reise Album (9/29/2004)
    Reise, Reise
    Mein Teil
    Dalai Lama
    Keine Lust
    Stein Um Stein
    Ohne Dich

  • Mutter (English Lyrics) Album (4/3/2001)
    My Heart Burns
    Left 2 3 4
    I Want
    Open Fire!
    Musical Box

  • Mutter Album (4/2/2001)
  • Live Aus Berlin (English Lyrics) Album (8/31/1999)
  • Live Aus Berlin Album (8/31/1999)
  • Sehnsucht (English Lyrics) Album (1/13/1998)
  • Sehnsucht Album (1/13/1998)
  • Herzeleid (English Lyrics) Album (12/17/1996)
  • Herzeleid Album (12/10/1996)

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    Reviews about Rammstein albums
    Awesome | Reviewer: Billy Gilmore
        ------ About the album Live Aus Berlin (English Lyrics) performed by Rammstein

    This Band Rammstein is the best live bank i have ever heard. The Music, the feel, the heavy Rythems and the force of the instriments keeping the power flowing is great. I just found about this band. I play guitar and the raw power is excellent. Rammstein also has a funk to the power. I lisen to their music a lot and am putting together a band with the same power that can do the same live. They are better live that studio. Awesome band. I love them. I grew up with Jimi Hendrix and also Steve Via. This bank can totally rock like them. Actually, they are better if you want true power. Billy Gilmore.

    <3 | Reviewer: Andi
        ------ About the album Reise, Reise performed by Rammstein

    Reise, Reise is amazing. Rammstein is such an awesome band. The album is pretty and powerful at the same time. The amazing lyrics combined with a sexy voice is always a great touch. How awesome is it when you feel music that you can't understand? I love it. You can also get past the extremely extreme lyrics...I love you, Rammstein. Keep making me smile.

    Best CD | Reviewer: Susan
        ------ About the album Mutter (English Lyrics) performed by Rammstein

    I was given Mutter for a gift. I cannot believe how good the entire album is! I cannot speak German but it does not matter. I am learning the German lyrics as I don't think it will would as good in Englsh. I want the entire set of CD's now..

    i do very much love the music of rammstein | Reviewer: Tiffany Reeder
        ------ About the album Herzeleid performed by Rammstein

    i just want to say that even though the music is in german, i do really ejoy it and would love to get all of their newest albums that they have came out with over many of years. i know that Du Du hast mich is you hate me in those terms, one of the guy's i dated had the Herzelein cd, so i figured i would play it i did,, right when i listened to it i just wanted to hear more and more songs. if you want to reply to me just send me an email thanks, Tiffany
    22/f/illinois usa

    flippin sweet | Reviewer: Neo
        ------ About the album Rosenrot performed by Rammstein

    Rammstein is an awesome band. i've never been dissapointed w/ any of their albums, ROSENROT is another great cd. altho i think they have done better, ROSENROT still has the eerie techno/metal sound of rammstein that i enjoy. ROSENROT is a fantastic cd and i highly recommend that you buy it (or download it at least)

    The "Mutter" Album | Reviewer: Marc Gilder
        ------ About the album Mutter (English Lyrics) performed by Rammstein

    This album is a really good album, i cannot speak german although i know some phrases, my favourite songs that i listen to all the time are the following, "Mein Herz Brennt" "Links 234" "Mutter" "Sonne" "Ich Will" & "Feuer Frei"

    Dieses Album ist ein wirklich gutes Album, kann ich Deutsch, obwohl ich einige Phrasen, meine Lieblingslieder kenne, denen ich die ganze Zeit zuhören, das Folgende nicht sprechen sind, "Mein Herz Brennt" "Verknüpft 234" "Murren" "Sonne" "Ich Wille" & "Feuer Frei" as you can see my german is not very good.

    This album rocks!

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