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Ram-zet Biography

Last updated: 03/22/2003 06:51:15 AM

Norway's Ram-Zet originally began as a one-man project in 1998 by mastermind Zet in order to bring his own musical visions to life after having played in numerous assorted bands (including an outfit called MFM with former Artch singer Eric Hawk). The first core line-up, with Solem (Bass) and Küth (Drums), banded together prior to the recording session of Ram-Zet's debut album, Pure Therapy (released in September 2000). Combining various elements ranging from the chaotic rage of Black Metal, a great sense for melody to some rather progressive structuring and mechanized rhythms of Industrial music, the band creates a flawless hybrid with an ability to maintain stylistic integrity heightened by genre-bending ingenuity. Also amongst their sonic arsenal, Ram-Zet use and abuse different noises and loops to effectively add an atmosphere to the proceedings. And in an unexpected yet clever twist, the group do not limit themselves by using exclusive, sampled synthesizer material. Instead, they have a graceful violinist in their ranks and utilize a real choir for their recordings! Ram-Zet's new album, Escape, was once again recorded at their personal Space Valley Studio in Norway and later mixed by Mikko Karmila at Finnvox Studios in Finland (Nightwish, Children Of Bodom, Moonspell, etc.) for boosted sound quality. Escape continues Ram-Zet's musically challenging soundscape tradition and turns out to be the band's tightest offering to date (mainly due to the fact that a complete line-up was involved in Escape's writing process). Zet's psychotic vocals are more imposing than ever before while in contrast, Sfinx's and Sareeta's beautiful vocals and the harmonious violins gracefully colour the guitar melodies. In addition, the rhythm-section blasts incredibly juicy rhythmics complemented by the occasional infectious sample-loop. Intricate, unique and with a hint of pure extremity: Ram-Zet!

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