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The Rasmus Rakkauslaulu Lyrics

Last updated: 04/12/2009 11:00:00 AM

Et oo koskaan sanonut mulle rakas
Et oo koskaan sanonut että sä välität
Sä tiedät että mä tykkään susta
(minä tykkään sinustaa-aa...)
Ja että ihan millon vaan sä luokseni tulla saat

Pom, pom, pom

Mä luulin löytäneeni oman mussukan
Sulle korvaan kuiskasin: "Hei Rakkaimpain."
Sä sanoit mulle: "Hei Pauri ystäväin.."
Katsoit silmiin ja näytit näin.

En oo koskaan sanonut sulle pahasti
Vaan hyvästi
En oo koskaan oikein ees riidellytkään
Mä haluaisin olla sulle enemmän
(olla sulle enemmän...)
Tiedäthän että sinusta välitän
Pom, pom, pom

Mä luulin löytäneeni oman mussukan..

You've never called me darling
You've never said me that you care
You know that I like you
And that you can come to me any time you want

Pom, pom, pom

I thought I had found my own sweetheart
I whispered to your ear "my darling"
You said to me "Hey Pauri my friend"
you looked into my eyes and showed me like this

I've never said anything bad to you
(only good-bye)
I have never even fought
I'd like to be something more to you
You know that I really care about you

Pom, pom, pom..

Yeah, yeah, yeah.......

Thanks to Lauri for submitting Rakkauslaulu Lyrics.

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You thought of everything! | Reviewer: Jeanette | 4/12/09

THANK YOU so so much for posting The Rasmus lyrics! The way you included the "print the lyrics" button was awesome. Now I have the lyrics to "Rakkauslaulu" printed off and taped to my computer so every time the song plays on my rasmus playlist I can actual sing the real words. I want to sing it perfect when I get called on stage to sing with the band! HA HA a girl can dream can't she? HA HA

GREAT! | Reviewer: LauriLova | 11/12/08

oh wow, i love him even more after thissong, theres a funny life vid on youtube where they act really like gay rocksars and start collapsing in laughter a couple of years ago, i think you should check it out!

03/24/2008 | Reviewer: jacus.skc | 3/24/08

I like it!

This song is so beautiful and so funny too :)
It's so fuuny when your friends don't understand anything.
I like finnish, I would like to learn this language, maybe because of this song :P

Music to my ears <3 | Reviewer: Wynn | 11/4/07

The Rasmus have this wonderful way of being able to do possibly any style of music. I wish they would write more finnish lyrics, I enjoy listening to them.

Rakkausalaulu. | Reviewer: Finnishsoul | 8/25/07

I sing this to my sweetheart. He doesnt understand it, but he listens. :)

I love its sentimental sounding lyrics. :D

Awww... | Reviewer: ~Vinttu~ | 5/19/07

Such a nice song. Me and my sweetheart sing it to each other :) (he's from Finland btw so..)
Absolutely an amazing song =) Kiitos TR

i love you so much Lauri Ylönen | Reviewer: yizeth | 4/17/07

i think that this song is beautiful, i love it, the rasmus is the best band over the world.
i love you Lauri
i give they my heart

I love so much! | Reviewer: Monica | 4/4/07

This is so best song! Good finland and good The rasmus <3<3<3...

It is cute!! | Reviewer: PaUrI HaKeInOnEn!!!...xD | 3/15/07

OMG! this song really rock's!!
i think i love lauri more than i did yesterday
take care everyone!!xD
with love!

i love it | Reviewer: samantha | 6/3/06

this is one of my favorite songs by the rasmus. its such a pick me up since it sounds so silly and its so upbeat. great song to hear if you're a lil down :P