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"We just signed Rakim to our label, straight up. Rakim is
on Aftermath, and the name of his album is going to be Oh
My God. This is going to be the biggest hip-hop record
ever, straight up and coming at you from Aftermath, baby,
so fuck all of y'all."

"I get my vibes from the street, know what I'm sayin'? I
study life," he said, "and when I'm in the street, I live
it as much as I can, but then I got to record it all. So
when I go home to write, you know what I'm saying, I can
remember certain situations, you know what I'm saying, in More...

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Review about Rakim songs
Preemz - The Greatest of all-time | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song When I Be on the Mic performed by Rakim

I have all the Gang Starr albums and believe I doubt that there ever was a more ardent follower of the duo than I. The evolution of Preem's beats over the years just goes to show the versatility of the turn-table master. He's the best there ever was! Dre fans step aside!

Incredible!!! | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song Lyrics of Fury performed by Rakim

If you think about it, Rakim is one of the mos intelligent artist to EVER pic up a microphone. His artistry is incredible, he does what he does like breathing. Paris has copied his style, King sun has copied his style, but NEVER HIS SKILL. He is in a class all his own. Rakim IS the "Benchmark" in Hip hop. Period.

The jugde is bullshitting | Reviewer: Spanja
    ------ About the song In the Ghetto performed by Rakim

You're the worst judge ever. Tupac is the greatest songwriter ever. And I don't wanna say that Rakim is not great, he is, but Tupac is Tupac. You obviously haven't heard Tupac well. Try songs like unconditional love, where he wrote stuff like "I ask my mama why, I got this urge to die, witness the tears fallin' free from her eyes before she could reply...". Or listen to So many tears, keep ya head up or dear mama, brenda's got a baby, trapped, changes and so many others... Tupac was a prophet and a voice for one generation, and you can't dirty up his memory, "judge". Fuck you.

WITHOUT DOUBT THE GR8TEST | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song Lyrics of Fury performed by Rakim

I have been a Rakim fan since his first record I know he is the gr8test ever I do not think it. And this is by far the best lyrical performance in rap history!! an answer to all and every other MC who tried to diss him subliminally, and he roasted the entire industry! No one has come close to this kind of lyrical and metaphorical dominance since and it is 23 years later. Quite simply as the R put "A lyrical performance never again performed on the M.I.C.!"

A furified freestyle! | Reviewer: three6ixty
    ------ About the song Lyrics of Fury performed by Rakim

What can I say. As far as I know, no rapper has ever openly tried to battle Rakim....respect or fear? Either way if you are a true fan of hip hop this is in your top 5! Pure genius. There will never be another, the days of this kind of rap and rapper are long gone. Oh, by the way not one curse word used.

Incredible | Reviewer: greezythumb
    ------ About the song Lyrics of Fury performed by Rakim

My opinion... This is the single best lyrical performance I have ever heard on a hip-hop song. Rakim explodes on the mic. It is the ultimate battle song. What this man does on this song lyrically is mind blowing. The music is perfect in that Eric just keeps it simple and lets Ra just do his thing. I think Ra made this song to kill any doubts about his skill. He says at the very beginning "This is a warning". Then he delivers a devastating blow with "you don't have to sleep a wink, the pain's a migraine every time ya think". In the year 2010, rappers still haven't caught up to the skill and genius of this man. Simply put, Rakim is the best and he set a bar for lyrical artistry that no other rapper has reached yet.

who is GOAT ??? | Reviewer: spy
    ------ About the song Juice (Know the Ledge) * performed by Rakim

he killed it !! rakim killed whole gangsta rap with one song !! its pointless to make gangsta rap shit after this masterpiece.he pawned every gangsta wanna be mc.nwa,eazy e,ice cube,snoop dogg,dr dre,nas,big,2pac,jay z,az,mobb deep,they all got owned by this masterpiece !! this song is going to be played 500 years from now ! greatest hiphop song ever.
hope the seventh seal is going to be ra's big comeback.
rakim allah,the GOAT !!

Exceptional | Reviewer: The Judge (yes, da one you think of)
    ------ About the song In the Ghetto performed by Rakim

Having heard 50 Cent, Eminem, 2pac and other great music, I still couldn't help, but feel their lyrics were overrated. Hell, I can make better lyrics than them. However, in this song, Rakim has use comborhymes and advanced words enough to even fascinate me. Great job, I love this.

Lyrical God | Reviewer: makaveli
    ------ About the song R.a.k.i.m. performed by Rakim

This song, proves that Rakim is The best lricist ever....Jay Z, Nas, Biggie yeah their good...but can not compare to Rakim...He is the KING....peace

king of hiphop | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song I Know You Got Soul performed by Rakim

by:king you the king of hiphop but the cash go through the dimond ring wit blingbling came back like cash money. niggas know its me

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